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Sooo my memory is absolutely horrible when it comes to remembering to ping people and who is interested in who. ;w; I’m going to make a ping list here both for myself and for all of you that way on the rare occasion I ever open offers on anyone I can check here to better prepare myself for pings. I will not be opening pings for my Arvani, Liusaidh, and Sindri however, and there are a few characters co-owned and/or trade locked that I will also not be taking pings on for obvious reasons. This isn’t to say I’m taking offers on characters though!!! The ones I do have in my Tiramel folder currently I love deeply. Buuuut there may be a chance I could look at offers on a few if it’s a character from my “Gosh I Love Them” favorites folder. :> 

Let me know who you’re interested in and what you’d be offering below! Thanks for your interest everyone! 🤍


Ahhh I’m not sure if this is still active but I thought I’d leave my ping request here! ;w; 

I’d love to know if this lovely is ever for offer!

I can offer anyone from here: and/or art and/or POSSIBLY some USD as well ;w;

Thank you so much for considering to ping me! And if you’re not accepting pings I absolutely understand! 🤎 ;w;

Again me... 

But im very interested in Zinna design, and I want ask if it's OK ask ping for them... don't know if you are interested in Kitkaloid design, if not, I'm very happy helping you for buy something you like, whit the same price of design... 

Sorry for bothering you whit this comment and have a great day/night! 

I can definitely ping you yeah! I’d likely only be interested in Arukanoda swaps in the event I’d trade her though! And I would be picky since she’s one of my favorite Arukanoda designs. :> 

Thank you so much! I can well imagine! but when you see something you want I will always be willing to help you, to put my hands on Zinna.

Again me! (really sorry) but can i have aping when and if you re sale this arvani?:

Hi there!

I normally don’t open pings for my Arvani, but I can let you know if I consider trades ever? I won’t be selling them though. :)

yes sure, trade/re sell, any thing, i write wrong, and im so sorry for this confusion!

Oh haha, yes then no worries I’m happy to let you know. 

Can i have a ping for this baby??

Hi hi! Unfortunately they’re trade/sale locked so I can’t take pings for them. Thanks for the interest though! ✨

T_T OMG! So many tag and i lost the most important ;-; sorry for disturbing and thanks for the answer!

No no you’re okay! I don’t mind you asking haha. ^^ 

Hey-hey, since now they are fully yours, can I ask to be pinged for , please? If possible, I would even prefer a direct message whenever you would consider offers/ putting them ufo soon, since they are my longest-time dreamie !

If you ever part with

Please let me know! I know you have them trade/sale locked to me, but I figured I’d put them on the ping-list too ;w; 

That’s totally fair! <33

if you would ever accept art/trade offers on aetios I'd love a ping! totally understand if not <3

and also pings in general for these ones;

I’d loved to be pinged for if you ever decide to voucher or trade!! ; v ;


Oh gosh you always have had so many gorgeous bbs! I'd love to be pinged for these fellas!

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Hi hi! The Arvani aren’t open for pings but got you down for the rest! :)

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I would love to be pinged if you ever put any of these up for offer:

I would offer money and if you allow it with a payment plan?

I'd love to be pinged if this one ever goes up for sale or trade and I understand if they never will be but just want to note that my interest is definitely there for them

I'd love to be pinged for either of these if they went for offers, I could offer money and characters!

I’d love a ping if you ever take designs on these two!

I can probably offer USD or designs from Apex and Torntethers!

aaa would love a ping for if he is ever up for offers!

I would love to be pinged if these two ever go up for offers/sale !

I usually try my best to offer money and a down payment for designs.

Would love to be pinged if these two ever end up going up ♡

Thanks for opportunity and I would highly appreciate if you ping me for this character !