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Hey! I found your blog through your post on Writing With Color and I really like your character designs! Could you tell me a bit more about Id Pariah as a story (I love the name of it)?

Well hey there, thanks for looking for my art after seeing that post! :D Sorry for the late reply though, I guess comment notifications are easier to miss on Toyhouse ^^’

And I’m really glad to hear that, thank you! <3 As for Id Pariah, that’s one of my more nebulous story ideas right now, as it has been a few years since I’ve done much with the concept in general. As a character designer I usually end up with a bunch of “story seedlings”, mostly because I like coming up with titles and protagonists so much, haha! That said, I can still tell you a bit about it :)

Id Pariah focuses around Kale, Nahra, and Tess, brought together more for the sake of their collective survival at first. Everyone in this world has an id (rhymes with kid), a manifestation of their soul/identity that develops over time, much like their hosts. Not all ids manifest physically, however, and even fewer are permanently fused to one’s body in some way (called hybrids). Nahra is a hybrid, being able to switch between a human and tiger form, but her right arm is always a tiger’s paw no matter how much of her power she’s using.

The general concept is inspired by the id, the part of your psyche that contains primal instinct, so it has themes of nature vs. nurture, overcoming personal limitations, and how one’s identity changes over time and under certain circumstances. A pariah is an outsider, particularly to society, and those in power in this story have deemed some as unfit or dangerous based on the ids they possess, so they actively hunt those they’ve labelled as such, including our main three. All Kale remembers at the start of the story is that he killed someone; he doesn’t know who, why, or even how, and that serves as an overarching mystery for his part.

Like I said before, it’s not a concept I have done much work or worldbuilding for in a while (including the character designs now that I think about it), but the characters are pretty fun to draw and I look forward to developing it more in the future. :) Apologies for the word dump here but thanks for asking anyway, I appreciate it! ^_^

That's an awesome idea! I love stories about the conscious and subconscious manifestations of self. And Narha is my kind of character. I love tigers too. 

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your interest! ^_^ And yeah I love Nahra too, she's a fun one to draw and write scenes for :'D

You're very welcome!