Help me find the perfect colors, please?

Posted 7 months, 14 days ago by Peach-Coke

Hello there~!

I'm currently designing a new kiddo of mine and I'm absolutely LOST with the colors like... wth!?
I've made like a hundret versions and I still don't really... well, feel them, you know? I do have a fav (that I won't tell you for now, so you're not biased) but I'd actually like your guys opinions. Which one do you like best? Or do you have palette-suggestion yourself?
If it might help you for your decision, he's an Incubus /°<°/

He're some of my versions:


I'd really appreciate the help, Thank you! ;<;


i think the ones on the very left and right look the best but then again im partial to purples


i'm personally drawn to #4 w/ the purpleish skin :0 it goes well w/ the red and black imo


Nothing wrong with loving purple tho! 8D
Thank you ♥

Thank you so much for your opinion ♥


I  like the 2nd and 4th one the best! 


I like 1 or 4; the colors are harmonious with each other


I like 4 the best. 3 is also good, but I think the gray skin is a little too neutral, if that makes sense, haha. like I think 3 would be better if the skin had juuuuust a slight hint of purple in it. not enough to go, "ah yeah, that's purple skin" but just enough to warm the gray up a smidge so it's not so stark against the red hair.


I'm really liking 1 and 4, but I love 3's hair.


Thank you all so much for helping me out! ;<; ♥
I went for a mix between those who had been liked most, considering all the tipps I got. So here's my final palette:

Thank you all so much for helping me out!