So broke I can't even afford art trades?

Posted 6 months, 15 days ago (Edited 6 months, 7 days ago) by Mercenary_Ike

I mean I can afford chicken nuggets but its like the people you admire say no and when you find people who do want to trade, a lot of the time it's people worse than you. I know I should be grateful that I can even art trade but it's something that irks me. 

Edit: And by worse I mean not giving a shit on what they draw bc lol free art


You’re coming off rather young and entitled. 

This isn’t a good look for you when you eventually improve on your craft and encounter even trades on your skill level.

Attitudes like this are precicesly why others will abstain from trades from peope they aren’t mutuals with. The gesture may cost no money, but time and effort is being put in regardless of the skill level and to desparage others in this way is really out of line.



I'll take it into account!


I'm trying to not be entitled.


If you really want to try, you'll stick that garbage mindset where it rightfully belongs, and respect your fellow artists.
Whether they're at your current level or in another galaxy, neither of them deserves to be looked down upon by you, or vagued at in the form of this thread.

It's fucking abhorrent.


Hey, I think she gets the message and she's sorry. There's no need to continue acting aggressively.


Rikki That attitude and hostility only pushes people further into these mindsets out of spite.

Had you of read the rest of the thread, you'd of seen they understand it's not a polite mindset and their thread is seemingly emotionally fueled, rather than carefully thought out. 

On OPs thread, I understand the frustration, but we all start somewhere. As of right now, your art or style may not appeal to everyone, and that's the case for all artists -- professional or not. It's just a case of furthering your own work and getting your name out there. Participate in forum art games, draw frequently and enthusiastically. Eventually you may receive more interest in art trades with you. No one is better or worse at art than anyone else. It's all a matter of perspective. 



That's a very unneeded aggressive tone, Rikki.

There's hundreds of ways to say that in a nicer and less threatening way.


Anyway, it usually depends on how busy or what the artist's tastes are. The part of art trades is supposed to be fun but a lot of people just see it for nabbing a better piece. It's actually one of the reasons I draw too well for them as I don't want to let them feel they put way more effort. Some people like doing only headshots and halfbodies as I have had a fullbody trade before. Always depends on mood.



Alright, I'll try to do that




I think I'm starting to understand now


Ahhhh, I can totally understand your frustration behind this so I’d thought I give my own two cents if possible. ;v; looking for art trades is hard and I can relate to you about that. but try to also understand that artists have their own specific preferences for styles they like—it doesn’t mean your art is bad or anything, because ultimately art is a very subjective thing.

In addition, artists—especially the very skilled ones—usually are very busy with things like comms or school. This makes them less likely to trade because they have other priorities to cater to at the moment, and they’d want to spend the time on something that’s worth their effort. Keep in mind that these artists, like you, would want a similar level of effort that they put into their part! as a whole I mainly stand by the points brought up earlier.

My word of advice when looking for trades is to try to look for those who generally accept most art trades as seen in art trade threads. Another trick of mine is to look for more obscure artists that have a status on art trades rather than an official art trade box, through this method I realized that I get accepted more easily. And in addition, don’t give up on asking for trades—it takes a while but eventually you’ll find someone who likes your style and is willing to trade with you! Putting yourself out there helps a lot too!

I hope you understand and I didn’t come off the wrong way—it’s my first time commenting on such threads and most of the things I’ve said has been mentioned before!


When I art trade, I give it my all. I don't really have a 'chill' when it comes to drawing. It's always I try my 100% or not at all. There is no inbetween. 

I feel the way you do quite a bit, so it discourages me from doing art trades... as I never seem to get the same effort I put into the drawings, from the other person. but with that being said, it also encourages me to draw better... so i can draw my characters the way I want to. haha. its complicated.