Invite Code Request Thread

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by Xen

I see the occasional thread pop up where people need more invite codes, so I thought it'd be easier to just make a "master" thread.

I'd like to implement these three rules to help everyone in this thread. Please follow this to the best of your abilities:

✘ If you got a code, please edit your original comment saying so. Just in case so people don't keep sending you more!
✘ If you post a group of codes, once they're all taken, edit the comment and remove them (or mark off already used ones)!
✘ Please don't lie about having taken a public code as a means of 'reserving' them. Only post if you're 100% sure your friend has taken it!

These ones aren't rules, but some guidelines to help people. These are simply tidbits to help you out!

  • If looking for a code, say how many you need, to avoid multiple posts in a row.
  • I'd suggest telling whoever is wanting to join to use their code asap. Lots don't like hanging onto unused codes!
  • I'd also suggest people ping a user if they took a code they posted (unless the OP says otherwise).
  • I would also say it's preferable to PM codes as majority of the time people snipe them.

Heyy, can i get a code for a friend?


Hey I need a code for a friend of my that needs to get a toyhouse, if anyone has one it would be appreciated 


Hi, I need a code for one of my friends, who loves art and really wants to join. I am willing to do art for whoever gives me a code. Please PM me if interested.


hewwo! may i get a code for a friend? i'd love to have someone send it in pm! thank you!!!


 need a code for a friend who wants to use the site if you have a code please pm! 


Hello, I would like to get a code for my friend who really wants to make an account on this site. If you have a code, please PM me! Thanks in advance!


Hello there. Been trying to get a code for my one friend for about a year now with absolutely no luck :( he's an amazing artist and really wants to join. 

Please PM me if you have one available. Thank you. 

His website


Can I please get a code for my friend?? Thanks.


I have a friend who i want to join, i need a code for them. :) thanks!