Do You Fave OCs For Wishlists?

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by evilfrog

Do You Fave OCs For Wishlists?

4 Votes Yes
12 Votes Yes, but only if they're UFT/S
49 Votes No
14 Votes No, and nobody should ever do that
17 Votes My favorites consist of what I like + and who I want
2 Votes Other (please explain in the comments)

Keeping the poll anonymous to encourage honesty; exactly what it says on the title, do you fave ocs you see around to keep a sort of wishlist?

Anyone is free to express their opinion and experiences in the comments. No namedropping or harassment allowed, so keep this civil please.


I do it with UFT/S characters, hoping to have the funds to buy them someday, or hoping that the owner will look at my profile and see a character they'd like to trade theirs for :') Though that's only on my trade account.

On my main account, I fave characters I love for their art, background, concept, etc.... as well as codes I'd like to use. Sure, I'd love to own some of them, but I don't see my faves as a wishlist.


I fave characters I like for their design/characterization. I have no intention to buy or trade for characters so it'll never really be a wishlist for me, and I wouldn't use faves as one even if I did plan to buy/trade. I also tend to fave and forget, so even if I did it as a wishlist, it wouldn't be a very effective one :p


Nah I either fave cause I love the design, or I love what someones done with them. I normally feel pretty weird when I get asked if I wanna buy them :/ like nah, I liked them for what you did with them!


I mostly favorite characters if I like their design + profile. I sometimes favorite characters that are for sale/trade to keep track of them if I get the funds/a design the owner would want.


I do not treat my favorites page as a wishlist. I only fave a character because the design/bio looks pretty neat/interesting to me, but I never offer on them. I do have a folder for characters that I really love the most based on design/character, but I never use it as a wishlist either. However, I also fave my own characters for personal use of my Featured Characters section of my page (Though now, I unfave them if I don't have that much connection to these characters as I used to), and I fave HTML codes for future use on character profiles and other things.


I used to just fave if I like the character, but now I almost exclusively favorite UFT/S characters as like a "bookmark" to go back to them, or basically see what happened to the design if they did get bought. I also do this to some of my characters before trading just to see what happens to them :0


I fav for a ton of reasons, and now we have folders to sort them, so I've slowly been doing that !

- Their profiles are inspirational and I want to read over them and get my own mojo flowing and write.
- Their profile code is nice and I want to check out te person who coded it later.  These I usually remove as I peek at the code galleries, so I don't give false positives lolol.
- They have art in their gallery that appeals to me, whether or not the design does.  I usually purge these if I end up finding the design / character overall to be unappealing after I collect some artist names.
- Their design is A+, and I want to stare at them sometimes / RP with them / use them as a general directory of my tastes / aesthetics.
- The character was UFT/S/O at the time I fav'd, and I want them / want to watch how they turn out if I can't acquire them.
   - The character was not UFT/S/O, but I would still love to be pinged in the future if they end up getting rid of them.  I make a point not to stalk these designs.  I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I won't pretend I wouldn't love to own them.
- The character used to belong to me at some point, and I want to see what comes of them!  Especially if they were a gift from me, since I've already had someone trying to sell a freebie from me, as well as a trade char.  :')
- The character belongs to a friend of mine, and it's illegal for me not to fav them.  If I don't, I will explode.  It's just the law.  I don't make it, I only follow it.  o7


Nahhhh If I fave your character, there's a good chance I'm gonna art them at some point in the future.


I don't! If I favourite a design it's usually just because I like the profile and/or the design itself. I personally get beyond uncomfortable if a character on my main profile gets added to a wishlist explicitly since the ones I currently own won't be leaving me at all (not to mention harassment in the past on another site over a wishlist!).

Sometimes I also fav just because I'll check in once in a blue moon to see if they have any new art! It tends to be how I find new artists to commission ha

Otherwise the only favs I organize are just codes I want to use in future or purchase in future!


I fave any character that catches my eye to be quite honest, be it uft or not.

If it's not uft, I faved them cause I like the design or backstory.

If it is uft, I faved to bookmark them and see what's up with them if they end up getting bought by someone else 

And besides characters I fave codes to keep track of them haha


I favorite characters because I like them. No ulterior motives.


i mainly fave if i like the characters design or their bio. i just like to check up on them now and then to see what the owner added. occasionally it is for me to check up on again to see if they were put up for trade/sale (which is how i got some of my “dream designs”) but after a bit I realized just because I really like a characters design doesnt necessarily mean Ill be able to use them!