Sealkitty's Design Adoption Center

Posted 2 months, 27 days ago (Edited 6 days, 22 hours ago) by Sealkitty

Sealkitty's Design Adoption Center


This thread is to help users rehome adoptables they've purchased from me.

Maybe you weren't able to give a design enough love and think it's time to let go and find it a new home or maybe you're looking for one of my designs.

I will not be replying to anything here unless it's a question regarding adopts or rules, etc.

General Rules
  • Terms of Service
  • You can only post designs made by me or in collaboration with me here.
  • Do not advertise yourself or designs made by others.
  • You may resell for the price you paid + value of commissioned art of the adopt or lower.
  • Do not add personal art and gifts in the resale value. You can only resell for the amount you paid.
  • You cannot resell freebies, gifts or trades unless you commissioned art for them. In that case, you can resell for the total amount you paid for the commissions.
  • Fill out the form provided and post a comment.
  • Once the design has been traded or sold please edit or reply to your original comment stating your offer is now Closed and who the new owner is. Thank you!
  • Link to design: (Can include preview images if you want)
  • Seeking: (Trade, Swap, PayPal, Points, Voucher, etc)


• Link to design: • Seeking: LF PayPal (priority) or Sealkitty design swap

• Link to design:

• Seeking: LF PayPal (priority) or Sealkitty design swap

Edit: First design sold! Second design still available!