[READ] Todo List

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by lulu

on the todo list in very rough order of priority:

  • Authorization levels - kinda done, but still looking for ways to improve
  • Worlds Overhaul.
  • View Previous Posts / Subscribed Threads / Created Threads
    • Actually probably just a General Forums overhall...
    • Allowing users to delete their own threads.
    • Showing when posts have been edited (+ possible for mods to see original post?)
  • Folder icons and blurbs
  • Species creation
  • Literature submissions/pages for characters
    • Changable privacy levels for the pages possibly
    • "AU" pages
  • Clean up mass image/character management
  • QoL fixes
    • Mass deletion, links to individual edit panels
    • "Next" button when browsing through character pages.
    • "Are You Sure You Want to Delete" pop-up when hitting delete for posts/comments/everything
  • Deleting comments probably needs a confirmation panel...
  • Site search
    • Character search by tag or unverified URL
    • Image search by URL might be useful too, hm
  • Fix thread notifications links to take you to the latest page... Actually I should have it take you directly to the post, I was too lazy when coding this and it's gonna be a pain in the ass to change now
    • Same with thread links on the forum's front page
  • Random character/user link (only for listed and public characters & users)
  • User autocompletion
  • Tag blocking
  • Layout fixing like just in general going around and fixing forms and also checking to see that everything wraps correctly
  • Liking or favving forum posts
  • World tags maybe
    • World galleries
  • Popular world listing on the front page thinks about it... Maybe worlds that've added a lot of members in the past few days? hm...
  • Have a look at a chat... I don't think cloudflare works with websockets so I'll need to have a think about it rubs chin I don't really like the idea of an AJAX chat
  • Image thumbnail / character avatar cropping tool
    • This is half done but I realised it was taking way too long so I've shelved it for later...
  • Drag & drop uploading
  • Bulk image/characters upload
  • Tagging images with multiple characters
    • stares into the distance i'm not looking forward to this
  • Image tagging and specialised/tagged galleries, embedded galleries for character pages
    • stares further into the distance... also not... looking forward to this...
  • Dice rollers on the forums
  • Downloading threads as a PDF/etc... / downloading character profiles?
  • Custom Post Formatting
  • Delete images from image manager
  • Character link sorting/deleting
    • Editable icons seperate from the character icons?
  • More user options including # of charas displayed on a page.

Feature fixes / comments

  • Watermarked thumbnails needs to be looked at, I'm not really happy with it atm.. 
  • Commission a logo artist for a clean logo 
  • I should just outsource the front end to a proper front end developer
  • Fix how images teleport when you try to drag one that's at the end of the row

Features I'm thinking about and welcome suggestions for:

  • Anonymous comments (if I do throw this in you're still certainly going to have to be logged in so the recipient can report malicious content if necessary)
  • Allowing for fandom/canon characters 
  • World chats - just mulling it over right now...

achievements so i can have lucina pls and thank

gimme a place to praise u bc this site is really well made so far even in its beta stage 

lulu jaywalk

furry trash this is a test

>> Funding features
I think something like having people pay if they have more than X number of characters or need more than X amount of space for image uploads might be good? Depends on how much it costs per month to keep this site running but I think most people wouldn't mind paying like $5 a month or so sdlfjdsf (I PAY MORE THAN THAT FOR NETFLIX //CRIES)

you guys are doing such a swell job!!! some suggestions from me i've been thinking about while using the site

-- No approval needed for character's designer (i.e. it's an instant process like artist credit)
it seems to be on the same level as artist crediting, to me? and if the designer was inactive on the website and not around to approve it, it would seem a bit frustrating being unable to credit them! seeing as no approval is needed for artist credit, I just think that having an instant "this is the designer" process would make editing a lot quicker, and place characters on the profiles of their rightful designers without any delay.

-- Ability to change default character image
seems like only the first image you upload is the default one... so option to change would be swell!

-- Character relationships
I am glad 2 see this on the list, but yeah, a link to the character's significant other's page would be so rad?? really cute, really facebook



@fawns Regarding approval from character designer, that's something that I've been thinking about and I'm not certain about right now. The main reason I've built it this way is because I see artists getting designs ripped off / stolen and resold frequently (particularly in the case of furry or closed-species adoptables, or any high exposure adoptable artist with a high volume of sales) and the only way to really prevent that is to force all designs to be verified from the account of the original designer. The ideal workaround for dealing with inactive accounts is probably to show the pending transfer but mark it as pending/unverified, I think...


lulu Ooohhhhhhhhh I didn't think of it from that pov! That makes a lot of sense to me, actually. I can understand the importance of the feature, and regarding if a user isn't around to approve a design (which was my main concern, I guess?) I suppose an alternative option would be to use the offsite link feature to credit them instead. But what you've said is very important, and I'm glad there's a feature in place against stolen designs. I'd be happy either way, to be honest!

TAKE YOUR TIME!!! It's okay!!!!!!! Ahhh you're marvellous and this entire site is such a fantastic idea, it's everything I believe we've all needed (and more) in a character website! Thank you so much for your consideration!

UHMM I DO HAVE A qUESTION Asks you lulu.. tagging is like lulu right.. I HOPE SO.. what do I do about MYO designs? Like I'm the "designer" but I'm not the species owner, so should I give rights to the creator still or??? just confused about this bit gjkdjfsd

aomaoe Yeah that's been bothering me too rubs chin... The intention behind the feature is that whoever's in charge of the rules for re-trading the character should be set as the designer (in most cases, that'll be the closed species owner), but I do feel it'll get confusing at some point. I could allow multiple designers to be added to a character but then we still run into issues like who gets to decide the trading rules on the character, etc... Maybe I should just write up the FAQs and hope that clears up any confusion...

lulu yEAH YEAH DON'T WORRY theres no reason to make things more complicated, maybe I'll set the designer as the owner of the closed species and make a note like in the info itself about how it's a MYO of a closed species-- since the rules still pertain to a closed species+the fact its a MYO. TY!! 

@buttbear Founders should now be able to destroy their worlds from the settings panel o/

i'm not certain why this thread was locked but in any case feel free to make threads and stuff for suggestions that's cool too...