One character in multiple folders

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago (Edited 3 years, 1 month ago) by smirk

I'd really like an option to put a single character in two folders, like if a character has a feral and an anthro form, or something like that.


Same! I'd love that option as well! I for one was honestly even confused when I joined and didn't find the option, and later found out it doesn't seem to be possible, seeing as all other sites I was on previously had an option like that


Agreeing with this i'd really love to have the ability to have them in more than one!



It'd also be great if a character in a subfolder could also be in the parent folder. Big pet peeve of mine.


Totally agree, I want this as well.


That would be cool


this would help for having more than one version of a character, or a character with a form for different fandoms!


i want it too ;v;


ple a se




You can do this now with split tabs!


id really like a way to put one character in multiple folders without the use of split tabs (like the main profile for one character shows up in both folders) tbh! for example some of my ocs i have in my main characters folder but i'd also like them in a CS folder - i use tags for this currently but having a folder seems more like,, Noticeable 


If nothing else, tabs in general should be more obvious, so I'll +1 this. Although, if tags were easier to use by non-owner-of-the-characters, then this would be a Hard -1.

Perhaps tabs could be toggled to show like folders?





Split tabs were a nice START but they still don't let me sort my characters who show up in two different stories into the folder they belong in! It's the same character not an AU version, I don't want to make a split tab for that!