One character in multiple folders

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago (Edited 2 years, 10 months ago) by smirk

I'd really like an option to put a single character in two folders, like if a character has a feral and an anthro form, or something like that.


yes this could be much better, since im having 3 stories and in every story i have the same character OwO

definetly +1


There have been several suggestions of this feature in multiple threads (including one from me years ago, it seems) and I'm still really hoping for this to happen one day!! I like to arrange characters based on several things including stories they're in, and sometimes one character is in multiple stories. I can't achieve this the same way with tagging either, as I can't add descriptions to tags like I can to folders, and in my experience a lot of people don't bother going through tag directories 

That being said, I can manage without this feature, but I support it nevertheless! +1 


I think a feature like that would work with not only the characters page, but also worlds as well, so I'll say +1




+1 please. i had to make an empty split tab just to put a character in a second folder


this would be helpful!


Yesssss +1


+1 for sure?? Being able to sort my ocs between multiple folders would be super helpful, especially since most of my ocs are like. dual species (like vampire + incubus) but hving them in one folder makes me confused on where my own characters are...