[READ] To-Do List

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Brand New To-Do List & Suggestions Thread to go with the new site update. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  • Literature Submissions
    • SOON™
  • Forum Layout
    • More forum categories? Forum...reorganization...
    • Sidebar changes... less icons...
  • Tabs bugs hammering cont.
  • Artists / Design updates. 
    • Ability to mark/rearrange the "Design" and "Art" gallery on artist end.
  • PM Inbox timestamps and general usability fixes.
    • Notifications for mobile - check if that's working.
  • Character Links
    • Fix issues...
    • Allow sorting
    • Probably have to rebuild the entire feature.
  • CSS stuff
    • More WYIWYG options, locked scaling.
  • Popular section revival...?
  • Character Milestone notifications...?
    • Things like "its been 1 year since you created [character]"
  • QoL
    • Toggleable...sections...for profiles...for everything ...
    • probably just more toggles in general, toggles everywhere
    • Sorting options...
    • Confirmation button for deleting things.
    • Time Zone Settings
    • Subscribe to Character

Last Updated: 11/07/17

ah hey!
i’d just like to make a suggestion to add in timezone customization, if that makes sense?
toyhou.se functions in its own timezone and sometimes its confusing to keep track of things when you’re like, 12 hours ahead and you send a message in oct 10 but it reads as being sent in oct 9.
if that makes sense?? sorry if im posting this in the wrong place orz
im not sure if that’s what PM timestamps means, sorry if it is ;v/

+1 for che-rrry suggestion !

Organising g characters in many different ways? Date, alphabetical order, your own order, ect ect


Hey there! You can actually sort your characters by a few given ways already, look at all your characters and go to the drop down menu next to "Order by".


Sure, you need to do that everytime you access characters and want a different order than by name, but still it's possible. The only way to make your own order right now is by adding numbers in front of the name!

Siniaes "your own order"

It was a suggestion so people won't have to add numbers.


It sounded like you wanted different ordering types in general, of which some already exist. But yeah, that has been suggested not too long ago already, and seems to be already added to the to do list (QoL -> "Sorting options")

For premium (obviously) but a global character css section and a global tab css section would be a+

Because I'm noticing that there's some CSS hacks i would rather not have occur on tabs (like hiding recent images)


Suggestion to adjust how many characters for each page or no pages at all?? it bugs me having 2 pages of characters, but theres only 1 character on the 2nd page.