Suggestion: Verify deleting an image

Posted 3 months, 26 days ago by Orion_Overdrive

When you're viewing an image from a character's profile and you get to the list of characters in the image, I would like a pop-up when you click the delete button going "Are you sure you want to remove this image from the gallery?" or something like that. I can't count the number of times I tried to move an image from one tab to another and almost deleted it because "delete" and the character selection thingy are stupidly close together...


+1 for same reason. its so. freaking. annoying.


+1 yes please


+1! If possible, it might also be good to have a warning that removing the last character from an image will delete it for good, because I see people post here confused about that fairly often.


+1 on what hedgemaze said, I made that mistake and while I did have a backup of the particular image it happened with, it's a little concerning that people's images can just up and be lost to the void from an easy mistake like that.




+1 !


+1 please give us this;;