[bug] image colors changing upon uploading

Posted 2 months, 10 days ago by leotines

hi all! i'm running into a problem with uploading character art. the images are transparent .png files, and when i upload them to toyhou.se, this happens (left is the original file, right is a screenshot of the result of uploading);


how would i go about stopping this? thank you!


Hey ! Are you using the dark theme because it’s Transprent for me ? :0


hi!! oh, no, it’s just what the image looks like if i right click the picture on toyhou.se and click “open in new tab”!


That’s strange, cause it’s definitely uploading transparent like it should. What browser are u using ?


I get this for reference ! 



I remember some time ago someone made a thread about a similar problem (although they had the colors showing up brighter instead of duller than the original image) but I can't remember if they ever found a solution ;;


Last time I remember this happening, the original user uploaded a file where they were working in CMYK. Please doublecheck your colorspace (internet generally uses sRGB as their ICC profile) in photoshop!


Wonderland that looks like what i'm getting too; i wonder what the problem is??

Nifffi i hope there is one but i may just have to suck it up and deal with it sajdgf

Pepperly when i check in photoshop, it says the file is set to RBG. should i change to CMYK and see if that works?


archangel when i view the character in the gallery as-is! sorry for the lack of clarification. the version on the right is what i got when i opened the image in a new tab, then pasted it into photoshop.


Are you using a dark version of chrome ?


No. The huge problem was that it was in CMYK while the internet uses sRGB, and Photoshop by default uses AdobeRGB instead. As a quick solution, I recommend choosing "Save for Web" instead of "Save As" and making sure you save as a PNG-24 for with "Convert to sRGB on".


Pepperly it worked!! thank you SO much, i'm insanely grateful ♥ and thank you everybody for pitching in!