[FREE HTML] Coding for Series/Stories + Other Code

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If you run into any issues, ping or PM my main (celestiials)! 
Because this is a side account, I rarely check this account!


(click on the image to get to the coding page!)

Since I'm a pleb when it comes to coding, this is going to be pretty basic; there's a Summary tab with a warning div (you can remove it), there's a Major Characters tab and a Supporting Characters tab! Both Characters tabs have groups and character thumbnails within them.

NEW - FEBRUARY 3, 2019

Screen_Shot_2019-02-03_at_11.01.10_AM.pnThis is more of a small code bit, but I made buttons that link two characters; this is best intended if you have characters that are numbered or organized in a way that requires a certain order!

NEW - APRIL 24, 2019Screen_Shot_2019-04-24_at_8.58.29_PM.png

Yes, I'm aware it looks different from the other screenshots, rip... jokes aside, a wanted poster themed layout! I made it as a custom for @/Crowscrowns, though feel free to use it for your own use.

NEW - MAY 14, 2019


A tag directory using tables, a custom for @Raddishes! Feel free to use it for your own use.



A code intended for LC Abnormalities; you can edit this to use this for regular characters, but that's... pretty hard- an easier to edit version will be up soon! (hopefully)

The (not very long) Rules Section

  • My only real rule is leave the credit; you can move it but DO NOT DELETE IT.
  • You can use this code with other codes, just credit everyone involved!
  • Please don't run this with WYSIWYG; I'm not sure if the coding will mess up, but I've heard bad things about WYSIWYG and code...


Wow I've been looking for something like this. Thank you for making this!


Heya! I used your coding here with some tweaking, it's literally what I've been wanting so thank you very much!!

 (Still a huuge wip but I've pretty much got the basic thing done!)


I really like this! I might end up using it for my dnd groups


Bump! I added a small coding tidbit


This is absolutely perfect, thank you! Using it on as many folders as I can get to.


SO glad i found this!


badabing, bada-BUMP

Added a new code!


Using the page button code tidbit. Its very nice and useful and I love it lol.


BUMP... added a new code!


Anddddd I'm using the tag directory code.

Your codes are nice lol.



New code added! It's pretty massive (at least compared to my previous codes kdsfjhvf)