Show me your Skeleton OCs!

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I love skellies... They're pretty funny of draw, and we can make such cool things with their anatomy, design, etc.

Show me your skellies! I'll make sure to check n fav the ones I most like ^^

And tell me a little abt them too! What's their personality? Fun facts? History?

I have a lot, but for now, lemme show to ya my boo Cotton, a skele with four eyes qwq


Oh God I have a small hoard of them.

Error was the first one I started using. The original character was made by CrayonQueen but its a character anyone can use. At the time he was a very different character type compared to what I usually did so it was a challenge.
Ink was the second one I used. He is another character made by someone else but with permission for others to use, this time by Comyet. I made him shortly after watching Underverse, although he does not act anything like the version in that series.
Photo is my own creation entirely. He's a nervous guy and I don't use him that often because his anxiety tends to bleed into me while I roleplay.
Inkstone came from a joke about making Ink creepy. He is a glitched out and unhinged version of Ink. He tries his best though.
Acrylic is very much a WIP and another AU version of Ink.
E is an AU version of Error. He's just a kiddo.
Bandit is a character I made then just kinda abandoned.
Nightmare is my most recent one and I am currently shamelessly favoring him. Don't have art of him yet.

Fossil Polymorphus

This boy! 

 Beleth kkromao

This boi! He got skeleton tail and I lov him

Milenko birbutt

a former skeletona of his previous owner, if birb recalls correctly.

Clay Davis Mashter-Potato

Half his body is skeletal. 

Skeleton of Bad Luck Rubybeam

I have Skeleton of Bad Luck here!

Skeletons in my Bizzarous verse are sort of weird, here's a few reasons why:
- They evolved from humans
- Skeletons have magic based off of concepts people can have emotional ties to, be it an object like a ratty teddybear (Skeleton of old bears), or literal death (Skeleton of death).
- Skeletons are all equally powerful
- Skeletons have IRL names, but in their culture you can only refer to them by those names if you're really close, otherwise they go by "Skeleton of ___"

Now to talk a bit about Skeleton of Bad Luck.  Skeleton of Bad luck is...a skeleton of bad luck, everywhere they go, bad luck happens and so they cannot keep much or stay in one place, and their life in general is never really ok.
They cope by choosing to be cheerful and happy despite all this, they'll take a broken bone with a happy little dance and a laugh, it seems that nothing or no one can bring them down.
THAT SAID...object of bad luck don't affect them- this means that they can have cats that will never be harmed by their own magic, they have a black and white one that travel with them everywhere.
A few other facts about them:
- They're missing a lot of teeth because of various accidents
- That purpley stuff coming out of their head isn't hair.  They have a giant crack in their skull and that's essence leaking out
- They're a huge cat person

Nikkie May TenMomentsTill

Nikkie is a skeleton covered in goo.

Harris Chimney

A not so scary skeleton-

He's an owner of a circus! He likes to give people a good time, and loves the whole starry night aesthetic~

The Dark Master aaawhyme

Does the DarkMaster count? It has a skull head, but I'd assume underneath all the black mist, it could have some creepy skeletal body