General Gifting/Trading and Reselling Rules

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago (Edited 3 years, 7 months ago) by Luzuri
Welcome to the Trading Post Guide

✦ Your Aestrolos must be on the master list before it is eligible for trading/selling/gifting

   ✧ You cannot gift, trade or resell unofficial Aestrolos
   ✧ To add your Aestrolos in the master list please follow the guide here

✦ The new owner must agree to our rules and join either our Toyhouse world or Deviant Art group

   ✧ You must inform the new owner about our rules

✦ You can Resell Aestrolos only after confirming the value with an Admin

✦ Free Aestrolos and MYOs can only be gifted and traded unless you paid money for commission for it

   ✧ Art that you drew yourself doesn't count, unfortunately

✦ Do not trade outside Toyhouse, Deviant Art or our Official Discord

   ✧ If you see any trading outside the platform above please report it to us

✦ After a trade is successful, please ping and let admin confirm the new owner in master list

If you have any concern or other questions feel free to ask us! Somnia