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★Character Profile Collective★

Here's a place to post your character profiles! Show off your pretty babs, develop your characters, search for commissions,
search for relationships and RP, and help create a database of cool and interesting Stardragons!

★Thread Rules★

★Be kind to one another seriously jesus
★Unless someone explicitly says their character is for sale or trade, DO NOT ask someone to sell or trade a character posted here. It's kind of rude. We have specific advertising corners for buying and selling Stardragons.
★If someone is being rude, try to be patient and respectful. 7/10 people may not realize they're coming off as rude or offensive. But if someone is being a general wanker and making you upset or uncomfortable, please bring it up with the admins or moderators. We'll try and sort out any squabbles.
★Don't insult anyone's writing, art style, characters, number of designs, etc. Unless constructive criticism is specifically requested, don't be a dick. If you don't like someone or what they do, ignore them. Keep those parades shit free.
★Feel free to post one character per post, or one post per character. Don't worry about spamming (unless you're actually spamming, in which case, chill)
★While this is mostly a database, don't be afraid to strike up conversation or comment on people's characters! This is a community after all.
★If you trade or sell your character/design, PLEASE try and remember to revisit this thread and take down/edit any profiles. so that people aren't looking to RP with characters you no longer have!


photo_placeholder.jpg [Character Image] (remember to watermark!)
Link to character page:
Body build:
Hair color/style:
Markings, tattoos and other features:
Open for RP/history discussion: (Yes/No)*

*This means you're okay with receiving notes and comments requesting character interaction and plot development.
Feel free to add anything extra if you wish! And also feel free to use this profile template on any character pages.

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Link to character page:
Name: Cosette
Nicknames: Coco
Age: 25
Gender/Pronouns: She/her
Species: Starcrafter
Orientation: Bisexual, female preference
Height: 4'11
Body build: Slim but sturdy. Dense. Compact.
Hair color/style: Black, loose pony tail
Markings, tattoos and other features: Gems (and eyes) are iridescent in their coloration and look, but are opaque or only semi translucent. Her shale is also iridescent, white opal colors.
Likes: Drugs, engineering, tinkering, HER WAIFU, joking, drinking, strappy strappy lingerie, pranks, doing it for the vine, tropics
Dislikes: Impatient people, getting shit on for working with Starshooters, durians, sleeping in too late, boats
Personality: Lax and joking. She's a goof and a stoner but she loves being helpful and learning new things. Work hard, play hard.
Relationships/History: She is dating Opal and theY ARE IN LOVE
Occupation: Engineer/Pain in the ass
Birthplace: Dragonsback Isle
Open for RP/history discussion: I'm kind of shy and picky but if you have any ideas I'd love to at least hear them \0u0/


Link to character page:

Name: Nan men m'yo [means 'by my hand']

Nicknames: Nanme' for short

Age: 20s

Gender/Pronouns: Transmale/ He.Him.His

Species: Dasher

Orientation: Bisexual with a male preference

Height: 6 feet even with antlers

Body build: Lithe and fit. Powerful legs and large but thin hands. A lof of his 'eight' is all fluff, especially around his neck, down his front, and down his spine.

Hair color/style: Creamy tan/brown hair in a very long, unkempt mowhark, swept to one side of the other.

Markings, tattoos and other features: He is very simple, and only sports three fur colors in a natural pattern, the darker browns being longer fur, the middle brown being normal length, and the tan being short fur. He has scars on his left upper arm, across the bridge of his nose, and across his chest, starting at the gems on his ribs, and meeting almost in the middle.

Likes: rain, quiet, forests and nature, children [although he would never admit it]
Side note: he also enjoys being owned and spoiled, ie- by shooters. Hes prideful however, and wont go down with out a fight.

Dislikes: authority, work, staying in one place for to long, swimming [his dense fur make him sink quickly]

Personality: Sassy and rude, Nanme' is the type to stare you straight in the eye, spit, and growl. Its very hard to get on his good side, but once he trusts you, hes loyal to a fault. Hes huffy and easily angered, and wont hesitate to lash out with hoof or horn to get his way. Hes also a fan of naps and being lazy, often found sun bathing atop a rock or low hanging branches in thick trees.

Relationships/History: Nanme' is a loner, having left the tribe he belonged to in order to travel as a nomad. Hes learned a lot on his adventures, but always comes back to his homeland when he needs some RnR. his parents, although still alive, have moved his herd from his original homeland, and he never bothered to follow. Although as a child, he was praised for being different, what with his halo gems and 'two-spirited' nature.
Once he hit puberty, Nanmenm'yo and his tribe agreed to transition his body according to his two-spirited nature, and sliced from his chest gems to the middle of his chest, effectively scaring the area and making sure breasts would never grow. Not long after healing, the dasher left to be on his own, and never looked back. Hes now commonly seen in various parts of the world, looking for odd jobs and learning what he can [which isnt a lot, given his nature for being a little shit]

Open for RP/history discussion: yes