What does your character think of the character a-

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-bove them? (title got cut off)

 NOTICE: I've been hearing that some people have been giving extremely low effort responses to people in the thread. I want to say that this is not okay, and if you're going to make a post, at least put some effort into it.
From now on, you'll have to have at two sentences in your response. I do not tolerate having low-effort responses in an attempt to just get a reply. Would you like it if somebody gave you a low-effort, two word response? No. 
If you repeatedly break this rule, punishment will be put in place. This is NOT acceptable.

UPDATE: A little thing to know! If 24 hours without a response have passed, then you may respond to your own character with another character of yours. Just a heads up.

UPDATE 2: I saw somebody do it and that inspired me! You can reply to the character above you by editing your post, if you want! 


Pretty self explanatory. You post IC, and your OC says what they think about the character above them. Then the character below them says what they think of the other character. For example...

P1 starts off with, for example, Yume. And then it basically goes like this.

P2 (Posting IC as Isamu): A bit too energetic for my tastes...

P3 (Posting IC as Marina): Just another self-righteous, smart alec prick!

You get the idea, right?

I hope this hasn't been done before. This is my first time making a forum game...

Anyway, let's begin, shall we?

Edit probably nobody would see: Wow... When I made this a year ago, I never expected it to blow up like it did. This is just insane... I made one of the most popular forum games (I think), and I didn't even realize how big it would grow when I made it. It was my first one, too! Thanks, all!

She should be in jail o___o why does that kind of people even exist? ;___;

*jumps up and down* Ohmygosh he seems so friendly and kind and we can chat all day about stuff like cute animals and stuff and even more stuff and AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! *waves his arms frantically*

"A sweet kid, of course, all kids are relatively sweet in their own way. But I'd prefer not to work with such a child... Much too energetic for my tastes. Rambling doesn't help anyone, dear."

"Hate speech against children!? Boxes can't allow such criminal acts! Feel the wrath of Boxes' uber-cool mighty punch, evil-doer! Kyah!"

"Oh... You're wearing a mask, too? You poor dear... Did you lose your head, too, then? D-don't worry...! I'll make enough money to buy both of us beautiful new heads...!"

...What the hell is that thing? Actually, wait, don't tell me, I don't want to know.

What a freak...

 I am quite sure she'll calm with age. For now... I suppose I shall keep my distance.

Holy --! How the heck does that guy turn into a deer?! I wanna turn into a really epic animal like a shark or a t-rex, maybe he'll tell me the secret of how to do it...

 "T-team Magma...?! So you're a bad guy! My Sewaddle, Buster, will kill you!" D8<

 Aren't you a cute little thing? Need to calm down though. I think bad is a fairly relative term. What is it with kids and bugs?

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...Definetely not my kind of person.

Well he certainly looks serious!

....I bet he'd be fun to tease.

. . . will make a note to stay away from when he transforms. Sorry, i'm not terribly fond of wolves.

Ahahaha~... A cute one, you are, but how do I know you're not dangerous, hm~? There's no telling what you might do, dear, so it may be best for me to keep my distance from a creature like you~