⭐️Favourite a character and explain why

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14/11 update - Rule update

From this point on, it's required that your post adheres to at least ONE (doesn't need to be all of them) of the following qualities

  • You give at least three reasons or elements that made you fave the character
  • You write at least three sentences explaining your choice
  • You write a full paragraph that details why you enjoy the character

Note you are allowed to do more than these, but these are the minimum requirements. 

If none of the above qualities are met, I'll issue a warning and a chance to edit your post to follow this new rule, and repeat offenders or people who won't edit their post to follow the rule will be banned from this game. This rule has been put in place to ensure everyone gets a response that is enjoyable to read. I'd also like to ask everyone to please read what the above person asks for, for example when giving a folder of characters to choose from or requesting to also read their profiles instead of just looking at the images.

Everybody loves getting favourites, so why not make a game where faves are guaranteed and people can compliment your OCs?


The game is easy to play!

▶︎ Post a comment claiming the person above you.
▶︎ Go to their gallery and choose a character you like most.
▶︎ Add that character to your favourites.
▶︎ Edit your comment to explain why you chose that character to fave. Your reasons can be anything, whether it's that you like their design, you read their story and think it's original, because you share the same name with the character, or something entirely different. Keep it nice!


Please also follow these rules to make sure the game stays fun for everyone!

❖ Don't be rude, insult people's characters, or make inappropriate comments. "I like Jef because I didn't think it was possible to be so ugly" comments are not a good reason to fave and will result in an instant block from this and my other threads.
❖ Actually fave the character! Don't only say what you like. Remember that this is a fave game primarily!
❖ Try to go into detail with your explanation. "The way his dress compliments his skin tone works so well and the texture of his hair is too gorgeous" is more fun to receive than "I like his design"!
❖ If there are any disputes that need my input as the thread owner, please PM me at my main, ElithianFox. I'll answer much faster on there than on here!


▶︎Also, only claim at most once every 5 people! This is to give others a chance to participate as well◀︎


◎23/03 update: a new rule has been added. Please only participate if you have 8 or more characters. This is to give people a broad enough choice and to prevent the thread from getting stuck due to little choice!


I'll start off! My characters can be found here. I'll do one for the person who claims me c:

Obv Daisy and Quinn are my faves of yours, but since I already faved them I'll go for Måne!

She was a delight for me to draw and I'm just in love with her colours. Browns and whites are good, and that extra cream+black outfit does her wonders. Not to mention that her story is pretty cool, and has been updated since I last read it! I'd definitely love to read more about her.

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I feel super shallow for favouriting a character without any bio, but I honestly thing the gallery of Dr. Perceval tells a story on its own! I ADORE his design and those kind of self assured expressions he has on many of the drawings won me over completely, hehe. His color scheme is really nice too, the kind of unnatural white suits him especially if he is a scientist idk it reminds me of the hospital colours and gives that certain unnerving vibe? 

Also that tiny mullet........ I love... 



I chose Claude to fav today because he just generally seems like a very intriguing character. I love pretty boy musicians, so I guess I'm biased, haha.



I picked Bellemoira because her design legit is a summary of what I like <3 Wings, pink-ish design, and a pretty dress and pearls <3 



aaah i love Deimos!! aloof characters are always so fun to see and desert/persian aesthetic is so nice <3
and hes a djinni, what more could anyone ask for?



I faved Jace! First purely by aesthetic, I dunno why but I have a thing for that specific type of boy in gas mask? There is a lot of potential for a character like him, & also I'm guilty of liking him beat up....... The perfect combo for the things I like lol



I really like Cseren! He has a cool design, I like his hair and the overall blue palette, but I feel bad for the poor kid, it seems like he's been put through so much grief, and it must be difficult if he is scared of sewing needles and pins...



I favved Ikraam as I really like his soft color scheme and great fashion sense!


 Prismakry I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in love with Royce. I am so in love with red skinned demon OCs, and I can definitely relate to his personality if I weren't such a pussy



I genuinely like Markus and here is why:  A lovely analogous color palette, a good overall design with his physical looks and his outfit, involvement with sheep, and he seems fairly developed into a good character.


Oh man, I had to fave Fabio. I really like his design and I just love his personality; how all he wants is to find someone to love. And holy shit I love his superpower, god bless. 👌✨✨✨✨

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