Most Likely To... [Game!]

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago (Edited 1 year, 10 months ago) by Blossomfall

Hi everyone! I've been playing this game with my friends, but I realized it can very easily be adapted for OC purposes, so here we are!  The idea is that you ask a question that begins with 'Most likely to..." to the person below you, and then they reply with one of their OCs and pose a question to the person below them and so on, like this:

Example of How to Play:
Person A: Most likely to listen to classical music?
Person B (as their oc): My OC ____!  They love to play on the violin, so I can see this happening.
Most likely to hoard cat memes on their computer?
Person C (as their oc): My OC ___ fits the bill!  They love kittens!
Most likely to... (etc.)

The length of your reasoning is entirely up to you!  Feel free to PM me should any concerns come up, and most importantly, have fun!  c:

Most likely to win a hot dog eating competition?

Jade Everstone Jade-Everstone

IC as Jade, but tbh it'd have to be Jade and Iri combined. (You can't have one without the other!) They'd probably run one with the same energy as an iCarly episode

Most likely to send cursed images in a group chat?

Luna drrache

not only would luna send them, shed also manage to do it accidentally

most likely to cry at an animal shelter? 

Dirk Goldenqilin

Dirk would cry and proceed to adopt them all... probably 

Most likely to do a fortnite dance in public?

 Doujin creamii-clouds

I feel like Doujin would discover one of the dances, think it's a cool Earth ritual/greeting dance, and continue to do it around every person he meets thinking hes impressing so many people by knowing and doing one of their rituals despite technically being a foreigner lmao! I can imagine him showing his sister Mae and her just looking on with sheer confusion and disappointment as her big brother starts dancing like hes flossing his ass.

Most likely to sing karaoke in a public place with no shame and without any "confidence boosters" like alcohol?

Creme Nanamimo-Kun

Creme 100% lol, she has no shame when it comes to something like that whatsoever XD

Most likely to like weird food combinations?

 Pythios Slayernice

Pythios would basically eat anything LOL

Most likely to troll online?

Smug Moth cosmic-cockatoo

Probably Smug Moth. They have no life and want to watch the world burn.

Most likely to be picked last for kickball?

Salvador Wapenburg fizzelston

Hahah no friends Salvador


Most likely to get lost in the Woods?

Luz StrawberryLunala

> Approximately no sense of direction

> Would like to join Sahara and the others on their adventures

> Quite curious

Yep that would be Luz alright

Most likely to spend the whole day cleaning?

Copper Alexg47

That would be this guy, though I have a chara not on here that's even more likely to do that.

Most likely to spill something on their carpet?

Valentina Furaha Seafoam-Cities

Valentina fits, have you seen those Chonky hands? They cover like, the whole of a glass. A mug would fall through his hands straight onto the ground, and he wouldn’t be bothered to pick it up. Just throw a towel on it and forget about it.

Most likely to become a school therapist.

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