Most Likely To... [Game!]

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago (Edited 1 year, 7 months ago) by Blossomfall

Hi everyone! I've been playing this game with my friends, but I realized it can very easily be adapted for OC purposes, so here we are!  The idea is that you ask a question that begins with 'Most likely to..." to the person below you, and then they reply with one of their OCs and pose a question to the person below them and so on, like this:

Example of How to Play:
Person A: Most likely to listen to classical music?
Person B (as their oc): My OC ____!  They love to play on the violin, so I can see this happening.
Most likely to hoard cat memes on their computer?
Person C (as their oc): My OC ___ fits the bill!  They love kittens!
Most likely to... (etc.)

The length of your reasoning is entirely up to you!  Feel free to PM me should any concerns come up, and most importantly, have fun!  c:

Most likely to win a hot dog eating competition?

Sian SiannieG36

'' Oh man that's Me , I spill drinks all the time , I trip over flat surfaces and I walk into things '' 

Most Likely to get in trouble for something a sibling or friend did (this happens to me )

Andreas Jacobson Lonestarcelt

Andreas takes a deep, annoyed, breath "Yep."


Most likely to walk out of the house wearing their clothes on backwards because they were in a hurry.

Ryou DeNair kirayuin

‘Hey man. When a man’s gotta go somewhere, he gotta go. Who cares about fashion? Or logic’


Most likely to be attacked by small animals

Khi (C-351K) issakidnamedFlo

"I... do not have a good history with small animals. Predominantly cats and the occasional rabbit. They may be small, but their claws are a big pain."

Most likely to meet their celebrity crush and faint?

Ethereal RadiantRaindragon

I don't know if she really has a celebrity crush, since she doesn't live on Earth and I don't know what celebrities her world has yet - but she's definitely the kind of person who would do that.

Most likely to start a physical fight with someone over a minor disagreement?

Hojin nanamint

"What did you say?? Do you really think you could win? Come at me bro!!"

Most likely to drop out of school/university?