Most Likely To... [Game!]

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago (Edited 2 years, 1 month ago) by Blossomfall

Hi everyone! I've been playing this game with my friends, but I realized it can very easily be adapted for OC purposes, so here we are!  The idea is that you ask a question that begins with 'Most likely to..." to the person below you, and then they reply with one of their OCs and pose a question to the person below them and so on, like this:

Example of How to Play:
Person A: Most likely to listen to classical music?
Person B (as their oc): My OC ____!  They love to play on the violin, so I can see this happening.
Most likely to hoard cat memes on their computer?
Person C (as their oc): My OC ___ fits the bill!  They love kittens!
Most likely to... (etc.)

The length of your reasoning is entirely up to you!  Feel free to PM me should any concerns come up, and most importantly, have fun!  c:

Most likely to win a hot dog eating competition?

May Lan StrawberryLunala

Okay they don’t put socks on but May Lan is quite likely to step into a puddle when waking up due to rain powers, moreso than my characters that do wear socks.

Most likely to binge watch on Netflix

Scopulus Naemongis Claudo LeoLeonis

He totally would, and bother other people with unasked for updates.

Most likely to get possessive over someone else's pet?

Arion Carnage

"I know it's not mine but damn to hell with that! Look at that cute little face! How dare it cuddles with someone that isn't me" 

[Who is most likely to accidentally steal from a convenient store?]

Silas Leviticus

Poor Silas tries his best to be good and learn human laws, but when you're a giant moth in a special cryptid protection program, things happen! If something caught his eye in a store, it probably wouldn't dawn on him that he'd need to pay for it. After all, you don't have to pay for things out in the woods!

Most likely to be the only person in an elaborate costume at a Halloween party?

Haimati SapphireBatWings

She acts cool but is a secret dork and really gets way too into Halloween. 

Most likely to go on a hike and find something spooky.

Alex Raneri Lonestarcelt

Alex regularly goes out in the woods with the intent of finding something spooky so probably her


Most likely to steal a news van so they can't report it

Milvus Tazigis Gaus LeoLeonis

They're often confused about how things work.

Most likely to use many dating apps at the same time?

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

It's a good thing Tindr isn't invented yet. Or the internet.. Or cell-phones, or-
Most likely to own a pet cat 

Olive Harrison MagicOfTheCosmos

He owns a cat! 


Most likely to listen to the same song on repeat for hours on end? 

Croco Hillyboi

Definitly Croco. His literal brain functions to the beat of music so it seems plausible for him to listen to something like wii tennis for hour


Most likely to go to ridiculous measures so their hypothetical teacher doesn’t see them at the mall.

Shoko (Sho) bettaton Purrve-Ball

Sho would probably want to hide form their teachers anywhere they went, so it would not be a surprise if they would go to insane lengths to not be seen at a mall. 


Most likely to break into a place of importance because they were bored

Caleb Triston Carnage

"It's not my fault they're so easy to get into" Caleb smirks, twirling a lollipoo before sticking it into his mouth. 

Who is most likely to drop a pin, watch someone step on it, and then blame someone else for dropping the pin?

Monster EXxiilED

"That sounds entirely like me." Monster rubs the back of his neck, a wolfish grin hiding behind his mask as his mask displays a red exclamation point.

Most likely to get hurt in the silliest way?