Most Likely To... [Game!]

Posted 2 years, 20 days ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Blossomfall

Hi everyone! I've been playing this game with my friends, but I realized it can very easily be adapted for OC purposes, so here we are!  The idea is that you ask a question that begins with 'Most likely to..." to the person below you, and then they reply with one of their OCs and pose a question to the person below them and so on, like this:

Example of How to Play:
Person A: Most likely to listen to classical music?
Person B (as their oc): My OC ____!  They love to play on the violin, so I can see this happening.
Most likely to hoard cat memes on their computer?
Person C (as their oc): My OC ___ fits the bill!  They love kittens!
Most likely to... (etc.)

The length of your reasoning is entirely up to you!  Feel free to PM me should any concerns come up, and most importantly, have fun!  c:

Most likely to win a hot dog eating competition?

Alex Raneri Lonestarcelt

My OC Alex. She might be small but she's like a bottomless void when it comes to food.
Most likely to get divorced. 


 My OC Wesley, tbh she'd probably get married on a whim, and hen be too stressed to take care if the person.

Most likely to organize their closet by color?


Hushy, then again he only operates in shades of black!

Most likely to kill for someone they're in love with? 

Lola chiliechii

Her girlfriend is her entire world, Lola will not hesitate killing someone if it was for the livelihood of her bae.

Most likely to buy something just because it was on sale!


Hari!! He doesn't get any money from his parents and doesn't have a job, but his (not yet girl)friend sends him some of her money, to buy clothes and snacks. He has enough money for expensive things but his mindset still thinks he has to go through the bargins!

Most likely to shun someone for looking differently


Carmina is definitely that type of person. If she doesn't like how you look she'll let you know. Always pointing out other people's flaws. She's a major ass tbh >;/

Most likely to eat all the candy?

Freya Atabis Lemonburgers

She'd eat all the candy with the wrappers included if you pay her.

Most likely to make dirty jokes in a place where dirty jokes aren't allowed?



most likely to commit murder??

Ephi Xanthe Sinth Emblian



character most likely to fall in love with someone/thing they shouldn't?

Decibel Darchlight

this boy gets crushes so easily i stg and he actually does fall for a member of the evil team of reborn shhh

most likely to adopt children rather than have biological ones?


She would actually love to have biological kids, but is afraid of passing on her genes and "making her kids fat too"

Most likely to eat a whole block of cheese by themselves

Cyrus you-are-butt

Cyrus eats by just shoving things in his stomach, so that would be no problem for him!

Most likely to die first in a horror movie

Faun Slootmaekers marinehaddock

If there's one thing I know, it's horror movie tropes, and Faun just hits way too many to not

Most likely to cause the zombie apocalypse