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Offer to Adopt

Welcome to my shop! Featured here are designs that I've slowly been making that need homes.

So, they're offer for adoption! I'm mostly looking for $$ right now, may consider art or designs, but unlikely. Honestly, if it's not a wishlist design, I am probably not taking them.

Prices listed are Autobuys, you may haggle but be fair about it.

Art Likes
  • Feel free to offer according to the adopt's suggested value.
  • Please be comfortable drawing humans/humanoids/human-faced furries. If your gallery (and therefore interest/strengths) is predominantly anthro or feral art, I'm not interested. If you say "But I can draw humans!" but it's not reflected in your portfolio, I'm not gonna bite.
  • Not interested in sexy or otherwise provocative art or styles.
  • I will decline non-confident, scratchy lines. Please have a solid grasp of anatomy, even if you enjoy breaking it.
  • I am not interested in photographed traditional artwork. If you can scan it (or send it), however, I actually adore inks, marker, and paint artworks.
  • Do not claim this artwork as your own. Do not edit the original art. Please only post up the original art with watermarks.
  • Do not use my original art for profit in any way.
  • Feel free to tweak colors, change gender, chop off a limb, whatever.
  • Link back to me ([email protected] toyhou.se / deviantart /tumblr, or Capsaicinoid on furaffinity) on the first post you make with the character. Anything after is up to you.
  • Do not resell the design for more than you paid, without additional artwork and with the artist's permissions, and only up to the value in which you spent on it.
  • If it was obtained in a trade, only give it away or trade it away. Do not resell traded adopts for cash or vouchers.
  • If the design is human or otherwise a non-species, feel free to use it in your comics/prints/charms/games/whatever, but only with your own art.
  • I'd like to track my CS designs, if you are trading one of my designs, please contact me
Design Likes
  • In general I like Humans, Humanoids, and Human-faced furries.
  • Actively Seeking:
    • Any and All Bellfoxes
    • A prince design to go with  ⚂ Pemby and  ⚂ Guntram (princes may be female). Primarily yellow/orange/brown. No pink or blue.
    • Fox kemonomimi with desert themes
    • Desert and Pirate outfits
    • Fantasy RPG themes
    • Dandy/Renaissance/non-sexualized armor
    • Asian + Grunge/Punkish/Retro Humans
    • Dreamies: one mostly black, one mostly red. Third eye preferred but not required.
  • CS I adore include:
    • Bellfoxes
    • Dreamies (Myo ok, a little picky, see above)
    • Pashminna
    • Appositi
    • Older Scarftails
  • CS I may be interested in:
    • Auracorn
    • Cupids
    • Blakrye
  • Features I like include:
    • Cloth-like features
    • Feathered wings
    • Long tails
    • Floppy Ears
    • Horns
    • Half human/half furry
  • MYOs are fine! I also love MYO slots.
  • Other things I tend to favor: Bright colors, High contrast designs, Furry-esque humanoid species that I can dress myself. Natural and round markings, stripes. Flowy designs.
  • Can offer more or +Art for CS.
Design Dislikes
  • I am absolutely not interested in:
    • Ferals or other quads.
    • Non-humanoid faces: So no muzzles, beaks, or other strange faces.
    • These themes: Gore, Sexualized, Monsters, Pastel+Kawaii
    • Anything aquatic unless Osenyan (lol) or Nudibrats
    • Single Color themes, unless yellow.
    • Predominantly white or black designs.
    • Dollmaker designs, including Dreamselfy, GAIA, etc
  • No Closed Species Kemonomimis, specifically where markings and fashion make up 80% of the "traits".
    Includes things like Lacies, Lovenotes, Beromimis, etc.



Mostly non-species things, but a couple open species sales are mixed in. On-base, off-base, fullbodies, chibis. Humans, furries, and things in between.


A race of monster hunters who evolved large horns to protect themselves and poisonous tails to take down targets. They have excellent hearing and live in small social groups, but easily travel outside of them for romance, rest, and relaxation.
They have three leathery tails; the two outer ones have mirrored shapes at the ends, with the center one symmetrical. Each point oozes a kind of poison unless the base of the shape is tied closed; most of the time the tails are braided and then tied together. They can still forcefully eject the poison at will. The poison's effects vary from family to family, and are meant to impair or kill their targets, but will not effect any other Toxicrinus on contact or injection, however the tails and horns are still sharp and can physically injure anyone easily. Unbraided tails are prehensile and can be controlled independently, but will always leak poison. Some hunters are known to use their tails like spearfishing.
The horns on their head, which are never symmetrical in layout and can range from 3-7 on average, are to help prevent large beasts from swallowing them whole, however they are known to headbutt when cornered. They decorate their horns with caps to prevent random injuries, but they also enjoy showing off.


the-auracorn-herd.png?1Species by Crow-Face


rosales-garden.gif?1Species by Sweep


A friendly, somewhat magical species. Notable traits include huge plush ears, lots of fluffy hair, and a long lion-like tail carrying a small trinket, with a massive puff at the end that has a swirl. Currently hidden.

Clearance Adopts

Older or lower quality adopts. Hover for more info on each. I also have More options here, who have a high rotation when I feel like playing in the forum games.



I have an interest in this cutie, but before I offer, I'd like to ask if you allow commercial use of your adopts?



I kinda mention it in my rules: "If the design is human or otherwise a non-species, feel free to use it in your comics/prints/charms/games/whatever, but only with your own art." Since that particular design is not an open or closed species, it's fine!

Also I appreciate you asking for clarity! :>