Belthing - CS/ARPG Mystery Freebies!

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by aquapyrofan


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I've been working on revamping an old species of mine called Belthing, and am doing some freebies to get them going.  They will require an account on my EvoCrit site.

Belthing are a mostly-monochrome species of demon-like creatures with a focus on a specific trait or emotion.  They also wear simple outfits and can gain minor shapeshifting abilities.

Single bright color:
EvoCrit Username:


Name: I like to name characters after seeing them if you don't mind >w < Gender: either Outfit: any? Single bright color: green Focus: envy EvoCrit Username: mewmewramazika


Name: Agma

Gender: either

Outfit: Something tight fitting?

Single bright color: Yellow!

Focus: Mischievous ?

EvoCrit Username: aaawhyme


Name: (I also like to name characters after seeing their designs, hope that's alright)

Gender: Female

Outfit: Something with lots of straps, belts, potion vials, flowing bits, something ethereal

Single bright color: Purple

Focus: Intelligence 

EvoCrit Username: MaryMaggotFace


Name: [ could I name the character after seeing? ]

Gender: Female

Outfit: Something flowing

Single bright color: pale blue

Focus: melancholy

EvoCrit Username: the-weasel