[EvoCrit] Drängleir freebies

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Basic Information

Drängleir is a project combining dragons with aspects of magical girls.  As I am working on setting them up on my EvoCrit site, I am releasing some freebies.  Simply comment with the form to request one.


Adopt Name:
Elemental/magical affinity:
EvoCrit Username:

Please do not ping me, I am already subscribed.


Adopt Name: Crystal

Gender: F

Outfit: Navy blue snow jacket (lined with white fur)(reaches to knees). Tall black snow boots (lined with white fur) (reaches to knees). Light blue/ baby blue dress (with black belt at waist)

Palette: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/452740493428654080/462369351475920905/Untitled_2.png
(row 1)

Elemental/magical affinity: Glace 

EvoCrit Username: MidnightLove


Do we need an EvoCrit account? The specie sounds super cool but I dont have one ;w;


Overfawning yes, it's how I keep track of everything.  I try to make sign-up as easy as possible though.


Adopt Name: Archie
Gender: Female
Outfit: A lilac scrub-dress and white nurse shoes, if they wear shoes?
Palette: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/b0/c2/4c/b0c24cb956c6b369e564ff19fe5952ca--lavender-bouquet-lavender-wedding-colors.jpg
Elemental/magical affinity: Sound, if that works?
EvoCrit Username: MadAssistant

Thank you for the opportunity, please let me know if any of this doesn't fit the species!


Adopt Name: Zaranok

Gender: Male

Outfit: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61wk0gHwt-L._UY445_.jpg

Palette: https://www.color-hex.com/palettes/19085.png

Elemental/magical affinity: Crystal

EvoCrit Username: chaosheart13


Adopt Name: Eariah

Gender: male

Outfit: https://pin.it/evqcgj4y3d7oqp https://pin.it/tgh6b2wgi4wpj7

Palette: https://pin.it/33loebxfvght2a

Elemental/magical affinity: starlight, If that makes sense? 

EvoCrit Username: justverydragon 


Awesome idea~ 

Adopt Name:Aurora (Might change name but for now)

Gender: Androgynous

Outfit: Some thing similar http://nxcache.nexon.net/spotlight/26/00J78-d046ef70-757e-4f5d-8514-b6230373df70.png

Palette: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ae/71/38/ae7138aa73289c5ec3d971e7b4736e0a.jpg Also black.

Elemental/magical affinity: Aether

EvoCrit Username:The_LittleRabbit


Hh I made an account on tracker.evocrit.com because your link is broken, I hope it’s the right website

Adopt Name: Ása
Gender: F
Outfit: Short baby blue hair with hair clips, a hoodie short dress like this https://sta.sh/011nu4xj8970
Palette: Deep blue, black, a bit of pink, pale blue, pastel purple maybe~
Elemental/magical affinity: Forseeing, like seeing the future?
EvoCrit Username: Fumiku


FuuMiku Tracker is the right site.  I have since fixed the link.


Adopt Name: Xavier

Gender: Male

Outfit: very large long sleeve sweater with a music note graphic on it and a jukebox

Palette: pastels mainly pink and blue.

Elemental/magical affinity: Amplified sound, like can project waves of sound that could knock people over or damage their ears.

EvoCrit Username: Oerpink

ty for this opprotunity i hpe you have a wonderful day!


Adopt Name: Snow

Gender: Female

Outfit: A light blue dress or a sweater and skirt

Palette: Various light blues, please!

Elemental/magical affinity: Ice if that's possible?

EvoCrit Username: SwanMuffin27