LF: Human/BNHA Adopts

Posted 11 days, 23 hours ago by Hiveminds

I've been browsing adopts for the past couple of hours but can't seem to find any that catch my eye.

I want to expand upon my superhuman universe so I'm looking for humanoid/superhuman/bnha adopts!

They don't have to have powers or a costume as I can always expand upon it~

But honestly! Anything goes!

LF pre-made designs or customs~

OFFERING: - USD - Design trade? - Art

Primarily offering USD 👌🏻


Hello! Would you be interested in this girl? Feel free to look at the other designs I have here. My commission info is here too if you'd like a custom instead. 


Hi! I have these kiddos: https://toyhou.se/2492992.-20 + https://toyhou.se/1582889.-15 + https://toyhou.se/1582885.-6 + https://toyhou.se/1582868.-8


Sale - 2197637?1530983119 and few more - LINK. My customs are open. Samples. Info (starts with 28 USD). Message me please if interested!


Hello! I have customs open if you're interested~



all my kids in my BNHA folder are UFT!


i have most of these guys still up for sale!