Draw couple art for the person above!

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If there's a thread like this already, you can let me know ;;v;;

I really wanted a thread for this because I have a lot of couples that I want art of together!


  1. Please have clear references for both of your characters. (Yes, OC x Canon is allowed. Just understand that some people are not willing to draw that. If you have a couple with another user's character, you can do that with permission.) (Also, I can't believe I have to say this, but you have to have two characters)
  2. Make sure you claim for the person above, so you don't get ninja'd.
  3. You must complete your pervious claim before making a new one.
  4. You have one month to complete your claim. I will note you as a reminder one week befor the deadline. If you fail to complete it after that, you will be banned.
  5. Wait until three users go before you claim again.
  6. Don't edit your post more than twenty minutes after you post it. It confuses claimers.
  7. PUT EFFORT INTO YOUR DRAWINGS. You don't have to be good at art, but don't just throw something together in five minutes. In other words, it can't be uncolored or anything along those lines.
  8. Remember to thank the artist who drew for you!


So, let's start with Ryo and Mira! (Ryo is shorter than Mira, just a note)



All are romantic;

Prince x Ace

Kida x Darius

Kuze x Violet

Liu Wei x Unnamed



Any of these thugs would be baller xx theyre all romantic

Inklings v

Nathan x Brad
Nugget x Buffalo 
Chester (AU design is chill too) x Teri

Humanoids v

Vivian x TJ
DDoS x Trojan




Gonna use some different ships this time!

Ferris x Marigold (First love, didn't work out due to circumstances but they did genuinely care about each other!)

Charon x Wing (Childhood friends. Wing did have a crush on Charon at one point, but he's over it. Wing's taller.)

Dorien x Bonnie (Very good friends, slight crush.)

Aino x Clyde (Best friends.)

Marigold x Mistletoe (Good friends, unrequited crush on Mistle's side.)

EDIT: Done and sent via PM! 



OH EYE EMOJI???? CUTE OCS I SEE totally claiming StormTheBard !! Can't wait to draw mistletoe and marigold hhh // DONE! check spoiler (pmed the user too)


for me, here's a list to choose from! (set by preference)
Rei and Aiden (girlfriends!! they're both bnha ocs and love each other v much)
Ryah and Ethernis (two lovelies whom I also love-- they get married later down the road which you can draw if you wish, but anything else is good too!)
Clarys and Asra (Asra's not an oc (he's from an otome game) but I main him in it and Clarys is my fan apprentice so!!)

anything sappy is good! if it's cliche, even better


Claim!! Done! nvn

I'd love something of Hauk x Xhat!! [Hauk has a human form too - let me know if you prefer that over their feral forms <3]


Claim Xhat  - Status - Sketched

Couples: (feel free to turn my animals into humans? if you like)

1st couple - Purri + Flossy (best friends)

2nd couple - Royal + Spade (lovers)

3rd Couple - Snowbite + Mason (love interest)


Claim! SiannieG36

A!D!Error x Leo

Kilo x Zeke

Yuuto x D!Leo

There all romantic! <3


Claiming Dragon-Stars

EDIT: Finished


Choose from:

Nauthen and Elinor - Romantic (Elinor also has a toyhouse profile but the ref image there is out of date but it shows her horns(Which should end more rounded/blunt) if you wanna draw her with those)

Runa and Luc - Luc has a crush on Runa

Runa and Angela - Romantic

Runa and Nauthen - Platonic/They Are Sisters

Watermelon (Her inner wing has white flecks to make a star pattern) and Cheesecake - Romantic

Gafra and Viola - Romantic


Claiming Melia!

You can choose from

Any pairing from https://toyhou.se/3480067.tbn

Cheese and Plum (platonic, they twins)

Ikarin and any weird/random item. He's stupid like that.