SKETCH for the person above!

Posted 1 year, 9 days ago (Edited 1 month, 22 days ago) by beforenath

Hey! Prismakry has given me permission to take over the sketch thread. I've decided to cobble together some rules from the original thread, plus some of my own! Note that I've decided to start fresh when it comes to a ban-list, so if you were banned in the original, you can participate here... Just please play fair this time, okay? :)


  1.   All art must be a half-body at MINIMUM  
  2. Please CLAIM a post before you do any art! This way you don't get ninja'd.
  3. @ or name the person you're claiming! Hopefully this helps people getting accidentally skipped.
  4. Post or link your art in your original claim, don't just PM! This is to ensure you've done your part.
    1. Please make sure to edit into your claim instead of making a new post entirely... Posting just to show off finished art can confuse the next poster on who to claim.
  5. You can only claim ONCE per page, and you can only claim ONCE at a time! If you claim another post without finishing your first claim, you WILL be banned. If you want art for free, try the freebies forum.
    1. If more than 24 hours has passed since the last post on the thread, you may claim them to get the thread moving again provided you've filled your previous claim. 
  6. YOU MUST FINISH YOUR CLAIM WITHIN TWO WEEKS! A sketch shouldn't take much longer than that! If 2 weeks comes up and you haven't done your part, you will get a WARNING. If another 2 weeks passes from the time you receive that warning and you still haven't finished (provided no unforeseen circumstances happen) you will be BANNED.
  7. Have at LEAST 3 characters available on your account to be drawn. If you want art of a specific character, there's a thread for that!
  8. These may be sketches, yes, but PUT EFFORT INTO THEM! If done traditionally, on blank paper. The definition of a sketch varies from person to person, so use your best judgement here. If you want something low effort, try this thread!
  9. If you are caught deleting posts to avoid having to draw, YOU WILL BE BANNED.
  10. If a user on the block list posts in the thread, IGNORE THEM. If YOU are on the block list and want to be off it, PM me at my main and we can discuss! It'll likely be as simple as you finishing the claim you originally promised.
  11. If you have an issue with a user on this board, or do not receive art from them, please contact me at my main (dogstarlite) and I'll try to resolve it.
  12. Last but not least... If you do not receive art, and neither you nor I can get them to follow through on their promise, feel free to put yourself on the unfilled claims sheet.
Please feel free to suggest more rules if you think I've left something out!


  • Yeehaw
  • AuroraCelest / N3M3S1S (both accounts are closed, but beware of alts!)
  • Gh0stParade
  • Thelxlbloodlxlprince
  • bird-brained
  • leon071
  • prosciutto

(the first user to post doesn't owe me anything. have some free art from the next person to claim!)



Done, I did it in greyscale and some of the tattoo tones blended in, sorry


I'd like Gabe the most but all are fine! ^^



Anyone is fine!




any ocs ok


claim :0

siqfan I really like your goat boy c: he looks cool!


feel free to do anyone (sorry for the lack of clean art of most of them tho)



Oh no lol it looks good though!


Claim Valthan

One of these boys please: zey vyshire alpha

Edit: Okay! Lol, here's the correct character xD