The All-New Unfilled Claims Thread!

Posted 9 months, 1 day ago (Edited 29 days, 23 hours ago) by luxidoptera

Heyo! I was given permission by you-are-butt to run this thread in her stead. All writing below is mostly from the original thread.

Please ping me if I'm needed for whatever reason! I tend to delete notifications from this thread unless they're pinging me specifically, and I worry I might be missing important things that way.


Since we have so many draw and design games floating around the General and Character Discussion forums, and a lot of the 'claims' put in in said games are sadly never filled, we need a way to ensure that no one gets ripped off.

Spreadsheet is here!

Please add your claims to the spreadsheet and post here to alert readers to the change. 

NEW 9/24/18: If a claim is found to be on the spreadsheet while the claim above has not been filled either, a small spade will be added next to it: ♠

Henceforth, this will be referred to as a spaded claim. Do not fill a spaded claim until the spade is removed, as if a claim is spaded, we do not know if the poster is posting in good faith or not. We want all claims to be finished, and those who post in here without filling their own claims must be held accountable. This is a last resort, not a get-out-of-jail-free card. There are three situations in which a claim will not be allowed to stay on the spreadsheet:

♠ The claim has been spaded for >1 month.

♠ The poster has been banned from the thread.

♠ The poster does not have a good-faith reason for not filling the claim. An example of a bad-faith reason is waiting for the person below to finish their claim before the poster finishes the one they're sitting on. If the claimer is found to be removing the spade from their claim themselves, the claim will be immediately removed and will not be allowed to be re-added.


For Game Participants:

If you've been claimed in any of these games, but never received what you requested, please edit the above spreadsheet with a link to your original post. A volunteer will then (hopefully) come along and fill your claim for you! Once you've received the art, pleased edit the spreadsheet to remove your claim. 

NEW 9/24/18: Rules for the participant are listed below.

We ask that you do not post your claim here unless you have already finished the claim above yours, as it comes off as if you're simply abusing the thread for free art. If your claim is spaded, please finish the claim above and let me (luxidoptera) know that you have, and the spade will be removed. We assume good faith, and if something genuinely got in the way of you being able to finish your claim, then we are willing to leave the claim on the spreadsheet waiting for you to finish yours.

♠ This has been an unspoken rule for a while, but just to put it down on paper: Please do not post your claim in this thread until it is past the original thread's due date. The minimum time you should wait is 2 weeks. Doing so beforehand is kind of a bad look and, again, makes it look as if you're abusing this thread for free art. The 24-hr art thread is a special case and does not follow the "two-week minimum" rule.

♠ If your claim has technically been filled, but the art does not properly follow the thread's rules for whatever reason, then you are allowed to post the claim on the thread, as long as you leave a note explaining your situation. You may also add the claim if the person who claimed you was banned, either for that artpiece or beforehand. You may not add your claim if the person who claimed you properly filled your claim, following the thread's rules, but was later banned for a separate reason.


For Game Owners:

Feeling overwhelmed with unfilled claims that you promised to fill yourself if the original poster falls through? Post a link to your game (preferably to the specific page(s) with the unfilled claims listed). Volunteers will help you so you don't have to do them all yourself!


For Volunteers:

First of all, thank you for being so kind as to help fill these claims! To get started, please ping or PM the person you're offering to fill for to let them know that you'd like to complete the art for them. Please check the game the original poster posted in to ensure that you're following the game rules correctly, and to see if there's any specific character / prompt they'd like drawn. Please finish the art in a timely manner! No more than a week tops! These people have already waited long enough for their art! Once it's finished, post it here, ping and /or PM the user the art. Please don't take on more than one claim at a time! You're welcome to do a second once you complete your first. 

NEW 9/25/18: If the claim you have chosen to fill remains on the "Already Claimed" sheet for more than a week, it will be given a club, similar to the spade: ♣

This is entirely for differentiation purposes, as the person who put the claim there will be PMed. If you recieve a PM about this and do not respond and/or take action within another week, the claim will be moved back on to the waiting list, in order to give everyone a chance to recieve their art. The intended recipient will also be PMed to prevent the claim from being moved in error, in the event that it was already filled and the claimer just forgot to move it. If the claim is known to have already been filled (i.e. the result was visibly posted here), then it'll simply be moved to the filled claims sheet once the week-timer is up.


Finished an unfilled claim for Blossomfall! (Sent the image thru PM!)


I'll be claiming Rainbow000Pegasus from this thread:

I'll send the art once it's finished! ^^


Barbilou i just did that claim yesterday i'm sorry. i thought it had already gotten moved to the filled claims but maybe not?


Manitka Oh? Ah, my bad, I thought you did and moved that one as the one you finished a while ago :'D

I'll do the remaining one then! I was doing Lily so not much was changed ;w; My mistake!

EDIT: Done!


vv No prob!! I'm glad you like it ;w;


Really like how you did Lily's hair!! You got her face shape right too!
Thanks for drawing her! She looks lovely in your style.


Completed an unfilled claim for CanineKings! (Sent image thru PMs!)


Sorry to be a bother... but... I have no idea how to edit the spreadsheet TwT would someone mind adding my unfilled claim to it please?

Edit! The person who commented right below me just drew for me TwT thank you so much again! 


Did the claim for ZeyTheFox for "Draw Gore for the Person Above You"

I sent them a PM because it was gore so I didn't want to post it here!


Finished the claim for Hypnotic on! Made Kellith wearing Synthlo's outfit :'> Hope you like it!