Free black and white marker sketches

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago (Edited 2 years, 5 months ago) by Rose-writer

Due to the amount of requests I have I'm going to ask that nobody request anymore until I get the posted requests done. Thank you!

Just drop a character and I'll get a sketch to you as soon as I can!
They will be slightly sloppy because they are pretty much just five minute sketches.
 TBN nightmareparadise

is possible to get somehting of him? thanks for the opportunity!

 Chimer MoonLotus-Hime

Try Chimer if you like! Or anyone below:




Michael gummy

hmmm perhaps Michael? :3c

barley kraneouri

would you be willin to draw barley, or lottie ?

if not, thank ya for givin me the opportunity either way!


Any of these perhaps?
Thanks for the chance!


How about Her? (new to the forums ^^")


maybe one of my ocs? <3

Rinjin Starkban

Can you try draw this one? Thanks c:


Anyone from here please? Thankies if  you consider ~

↱ ROSEMARY LEWIS . empcthiic

if you feel up to it, i have this gal. :0 tysm for the opportunity !!

Arien Mordred ShionShin

maybe Arien? 


 Salem duliasu

If you drew Salem I'd be super happy, only if you want too ofc ^^

Makani Mévoullion xxtra-trrestrial

If you'd like to try drawing her, this is Makani c:


Maybe one of mine from here if you're interested? ^^

 Thank you for the opportunity! <3