Free black and white marker sketches

Posted 2 years, 2 days ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Rose-writer

Due to the amount of requests I have I'm going to ask that nobody request anymore until I get the posted requests done. Thank you!

Just drop a character and I'll get a sketch to you as soon as I can!
They will be slightly sloppy because they are pretty much just five minute sketches.
 on hold (granddaddyo) nightmareparadise

is possible to get somehting of him? thanks for the opportunity!

 Chimer MoonLotus-Hime

Try Chimer if you like! Or anyone below:




Michael gummy

hmmm perhaps Michael? :3c

barley chaoschisaki

would you be willin to draw barley, or lottie ?

if not, thank ya for givin me the opportunity either way!


Any of these perhaps?
Thanks for the chance!


How about Her? (new to the forums ^^")


maybe one of my ocs? <3

Rinjin Starkban

Can you try draw this one? Thanks c:


Anyone from here please? Thankies if  you consider ~

↱ ROSEMARY LEWIS . empcthiic

if you feel up to it, i have this gal. :0 tysm for the opportunity !!

Arien Mordred ShionShin

maybe Arien? 


Salem duliasu

If you drew Salem I'd be super happy, only if you want too ofc ^^

Makani Mévoullion xxtra-trrestrial

If you'd like to try drawing her, this is Makani c:


Maybe one of mine from here if you're interested? ^^

 Thank you for the opportunity! <3