Art Trade Station ✦ closed for now!

Posted 4 months, 6 days ago (Edited 3 months, 8 days ago) by Callosyx
Kaiser's Art Trades - closed til the queue clears
✦ HQ art for HQ art
✦ Transparent/solid bg or full bg
✦ Can draw anything
✦ Flat colors, shaded, or painted
✦ Fake screenshots , VHS sleeves, page dolls, icons
✦ Full bodies, half bodies or headshots
✦ Gore ok
✦ Ask about NSFW

Things I really want to do right now
✦ Gore
Fake screenshots
Full scenes w/ background

Link to your art:
What you want from me:
What you're willing to draw:

✦ Slot One - Barbilou | pagedoll 
 Slot Two- BearQueen | flat color full body
Slot Three  - zecchou | flat color full body
Slot Four - Thessalie | pagedoll
Slot Five - Matticus | shaded bust

If I decline your offer, please don't feel bad! I love looking at all the art of everyone who posts on this thread, if I decline it might be because you don't draw many humans, your character designs aren't the kind of thing I enjoy drawing, or our skill levels aren't quite close enough - it's nothing personal and it doesn't mean you're a bad artist! (I feel bad not accepting everyone ;w;)

Completed trades


Thessalie grinning! I'm gonna do Ashia, she has such pretty colors <3