Art Trade Station ✦ OPEN!

Posted 6 months, 10 days ago (Edited 1 month, 20 days ago) by Callosyx
Kaiser's Art Trades - closed til the queue clears
✦ HQ art for HQ art
✦ Transparent/solid bg or full bg
✦ Can draw anything
✦ Flat colors or shaded
✦ Fake screenshots , VHS sleeves, page dolls, icons
✦ Full bodies, half bodies or headshots/icons
✦ Gore ok
✦ Ask about NSFW

Things I really want to do right now
✦ Gore
Fake screenshots
Full scenes w/ background

Link to your art:
What you want from me:
What you're willing to draw:

✦ Slot One - dust | bust for tiny
 Slot Two- tellerby | full body
Slot Three  - keeping-itt-real | half body
Slot Four - open
Slot Five - open

If I decline your offer, please don't feel bad! I love looking at all the art of everyone who posts on this thread, if I decline it might be because you don't draw many humans, your character designs aren't the kind of thing I enjoy drawing, or our skill levels aren't quite close enough - it's nothing personal and it doesn't mean you're a bad artist! (I feel bad not accepting everyone ;w;)

Completed trades


QueerDeer Ooh, let's do a painting swap! Maybe a half body with solid or really simple bg? This guy for me please, you can draw him with the mask over the lower half of his face or draw all the nasty scarring, up to you c:

@Everyone else: you all have such lovely art, I enjoyed looking through everyone's examples! I'm going to close for this round, but when I reopen I may shoot y'all a message 


@ Callosyx

I can definitely draw Ash for you. Is there a specific outfit that you want him wearing? Because there are a couple variations in the gallery and I want to make sure I use the right one as a ref.  Would you be able to draw a full scene this OC for me? If you can, could you put him in a forest or field like setting?


TenMomentsTill This one! I can absolutely do that, I'll get started soon.


Callosyx Sure! I would like it if you did him or him!



Done! Hope its alright!



QueerDeer I love it, thank you!!! He looks so good <3
Here's my half!


Callosyx Woah thats amazing!! Thank you so much!!


Hello! I'm interested :'>

Link to your art: here
What you want from me: Either Viccio or Johan would be highly preferred! (Though you can tell me if neither tickle your fancy and I can look for other options or just feel free to draw the character you're most comfortable with :'>)
What you're willing to draw: I'd love to do a pagedollxpagedoll trade, though I'm also fine with doing a half or fullbody either way ;v;

Do note that I've rarely done complex backgrounds (x and x are my only examples ;;), but if you're fine with it you can ask on that too

Thanks for considering!


Barbilou sure! I'm up for a quick pagedoll trade. Could you draw this one for me? I''ll get started now :'D


Of course! Same here ^^ thanks in advance <3


Barbilou done!! Thanks for trading with me, I loved what you drew


aaa np! Im glad you liked it ;w;

And thank you too! he looks great in your style, love it <33

Melodi ziggystardust

Id love to! <': 

Art examples: here!

Who id like drawn: Melodi! (The character im in rn <3 id prefer it be the form where she has her fish tail instead of her shark one )

What im willing to draw: A fullbody, shaded , solid or transparent bg! 


Thessalie Oh goodness, such adorable little chibis and pretty characters! I'd love to do a pagedoll trade, could you do her for me? :'D