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Operating system and browser: Linux (Lubuntu) - Firefox version 111.0.1
Description of the bug: Using a template that using Font Awesome codes. After the latest update the same code is displaying the wrong icon. I assumed it was something on Font Awesome's end, but trying the code in ToyHouse it uses the correct icon.
Code that made the bug appear: The spinning icons in dualitas
Specifically: i class="fal fa-solar-system fa-spin mr-n4 mt-n2" style="font-size:15rem;color:#0e5c11;opacity:0.2;"
Screen captures (if available):
Image from ToyHouse, showing the correct icon:

Image from the Live Editor: (Look behind the character name, and in the top left corner)
Both are using the same code.


Thanks for the report! It looks like the code editor isn't finding the icon in the embedded font. Did it work alright before the update?


Yes, it did. Didn't have any issues before


Yep, found the cause of the issue, will be fixed in the next update!