Phoenix Fang AU

7 months, 28 days ago
5 months, 22 days ago
4 2017

Chapter 1
Published 7 months, 28 days ago

AU where Fang is still adopted by Wukong, but her original family heritage resides with a royal lienage of powerful Phoenix Fire demons.

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'The spirit of the family lives on, and it takes the shape of the world around it' So in this case, maybe the spirit took the shape of Wukong because he found her first. Taking the power from the clouds and sun to shape herself.

The family is always able to find themselves again through their family crest amulets, which are activated by the power of the Phoenix Fire.

So maybe when Nikko gives her the info, and she goes there it allows her in due to her lineage and gives her an amulet for it, where she's none the wiser up until it leads her to a still living member of the family that had somehow managed to survive the war

Red's 'scar' is basically a crack in her spirit if anything, it made a connection to her spirit's flame, which is what enables Talon to ignite and come forward.

I like to think that in the family line she was probably one of the most ruthless of members due to her quick to anger temper.

I kinda like the idea of Phoenix's having their own element, like at heart, while yes they have an easier time with fire, personalities and soul could potentially allow for one to find comfort in an element completely unlike them

for Fang her two elements are Wind and Water

Wind and Fire are probably the commonplace elements among the family cuz (y'know, BIRDS) but water? Could've stemmed from her father. Who was more cool and level headed, as opposed to her mother, who was seen as a raging inferno sometimes.
Rare but possible lol

I just think that it's pretty common in the family for their members to be a more 'emotional' sort of family. Red is kind of a good example of that, his firepower is powered by his anger, like Zuko from Avatar. That's why the phoenix family was so powerful, because they used their emotions to fuel their elements. But of course that usually came with the cost of premature death.

Death's were pretty common in the family, sometimes it would be due to fights, other times their own elements would straight up consume them into a literal inferno.