Comments on Carrer de Ferran

I finally got a chance to read this all the way through and it's lovely!! They enjoy each other's company so much, it's hard not to enjoy it, too. I love how it opens up with both of them kind of thinking "Well, I guess this is a date! [shrug] " 

Marcia's so forward, she leaves little room for misinterpretation. I also love how she talks, it sounds so formal! Is she doing this purposefully or is it because of a language barrier?

Vesper's also really cute in this, getting so taken aback and just barely keeping up with Marcia. I particularly like the line "Vesper was not doing a very good job of looking elsewhere." Neither of them are even trying to hide how enamored they are. The cheek kiss at the end was absolutely adorable.

!! Thank you! Marcia is haaard to write because she spends most of the story learning to speak English so yes, it's a language barrier. She's already learned quite a lot by this point and she tends to choose words that sound like the Latin counterparts.

And I'm glad you enjoy it, it was a little embarrassing to post because I wrote it purely for enjoyment haha. They are very cute and awkward despite how they are under any other circumstances...especially Vesper, she is nervous and still trying to maintain composure, and I love portraying that.