Lythbound is an art-based role playing game set in a universe where interdimensional travel is real, opening up worlds of endless possibilities. Hone your exploration skills and unlock new experiences with realm keys, all while taming creatures, befriending new allies, and meeting mysterious Auirators. As a Lythian, your actions change the fate of the realms.

Because the acquisition of characters for our game is similar to adopts, we have a Toyhou.se world to host adoptables and characters, so feel free to send a join request and submit your Lythians. However, most of our play, events, and activities are hosted on our official site; you must make an on-site account in order to get the full Lythbound experience!



We're always launching events and updating our game! We recommend joining our Discord for the latest updates and live assistance~ Our staff is very active in the server and always willing to help the community out.

We now have an official thread on the Species Discussion forum! It is moderated by our Marketing Assistant, Lechet. If you are more active on Toyhouse, you can subscribe to be notified of Lythbound news and other site updates. Special thanks to all our members who like to comment to bump the thread, we appreciate you!

[6.9.21] Lore, Layout, & Cash Shop! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/70

[5.28.21] Meeces, Kikitsu, & Forums! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/68

[5.21.21] Happy Not-Birthday! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/67

[4.23.21] Ostavera Observance ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/64

[2.10.21] For the Inamorate ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/59

[1.21.21] Sticker Album! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/56

[1.7.21] New Site Features ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/54

[12.15.20] Winter Design Gacha Posted! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/49

[11.29.20] Secret Santa Update & Free Gift ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/47

[11.25.20] MYO Sale, Patreon Info, and Gallery Updates! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/46

[11.20.20] Companion Captures Live! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/45

[11.17.20] Item Price Balancing and Misc. Updates ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/44

[11.9.20] Haunted Faire End & New Limited Shop Stock ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/43

[11.5.20] Secret Santa, Guest Artist Apps, and Reminders! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/42

[10.28.20] Lythian Marketplace ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/40

[10.20.20] Rebranding News! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/38

[10.1.20] The Haunted Faire ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/35

[9.11.20] Species Origin Quests are Live! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/33

[8.28.20] Realm Exploration is Live! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/31

[8.18.20] Lyara's Blessings ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/30

[8.14.20] Species Updates! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/29

[7.15.20] Lythbound Overhaul ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/26

[7.6.20] They Came from Nowhere ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/25

[6.19.20] Pride Charity Shop and More! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/23

[5.11.20] Turn the Tides ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/17

[4.23.20] Regarding DeviantArt and Eclipse ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/15

[4.20.20] Emoji Contest Results! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/14

[4.10.20] Server Move: Complete! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/13

[4.1.20] Happy April! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/11

[3.24.20] Discord Emoji Contest! ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/9

[2.7.20] A Realm of Lyth Valentine's ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/7

[1.19.20] #LythforAustralia ✦ https://lythbound.com/news/4


  1. BE RESPECTFUL Be respectful to everyone — admins, members, and prospective members — inside and outside the community. Please do not quarrel with each other; if there is someone bothering you, please try to talk to them about it before matters get worse! If you attempt to do so and fail, please contact us with screenshots of all context; we will do our best to take care of the matter.
  2. DO NOT SPAM Do not spam the front page, bulletins, forums, etc. Leaving comments every now and then and responding to others is okay, but please use common sense. If you have a question, please make sure it is not already answered in the site's FAQ before asking.
  3. TAG YOUR SUBMISSIONS Toyhou.se comes with a handy tagging system for explicit works with various options, so please use it. While Toyhou.se itself does not have the same age or content restrictions, keep in mind that our game is PG13 (not officially rated), so there may be minors present, and that people in general have different discomfort levels. If you're making a post and can't use the rating systems, please preface it with a clear list of possible triggers.
  4. DO NOT FORCE INTERACTIONS No godmodding (using someone's character without permission), metagaming (having your character know things they should not know), or powerplaying (manipulating your character to always have the upper hand) in any roleplays either. In addition, do not force any type of relationship on any user or character! Communication and consent are key. Make sure to talk everything out with the individual you're speaking to, be considerate of their needs, and alert them of your intentions. We understand that you may want to make friends and/or ship characters, but please respect and understand that everyone has their personal boundaries, especially if it is someone you are not familiar with. Do not assume anything, as that is how issues arise. If someone is forcing themselves or their character upon you, stand up for yourself; if they keep doing it, you may contact us for assistance.
  5. BREAKING THE RULES We reserve the right to kick, block, ban, report, etc. anyone who causes any trouble in this community. We hold our community members to certain standards. No one has the right to our time, patience, and understanding if they refuse to cooperate.



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