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Welcome to Aestrolos Nucleus, the home of all Aestrolos. Any one who are interested in our community are free join! Currently we are only found on Toyhouse, DeviantArt and Discord. If you post an Aestrolos outside of those listed site please do link them to our world page.


What are Aestrolos?

Aestrolos are closed species own by Luzuri, please do not make your own without permission.

Aestrolos are celestial spirit, born from a stellar explosion. This species can be astronomy or astrology theme! They do not have any need such as hunger, thirst or fatigue. Although they don't need it they can always choose to eat or sleep whenever they like. Aestrolos does need to absorb galaxy dust (occurs by stellar explosions) or interstellar cloud of dust to sustain their life energy. Or they can choose to absorb other Aestrolos' energy. Aestrolos can exist for a long time, but they aren't immortal. They can approximately live up to 10 billion years! Once they have reached the old age, they will turn in to galaxy dusts.

How can I get an Aestrolos?

You cannot make your own with out permission, but there are many ways to get them!

✦ get a free MYO slot on Opening Events or Raffles
✦ buy a MYO slot with real or CS currency
✦ buy a premade adoptable
✦ buy a custom adoptable from our GA

More Questions?

✦ you can find more info in our Forum
✦ you can ask our mods on our Discord Server
✦ you can dm the appropriate staff who are incharge of the topic!
✦ if you are not sure who to contact, please dm Luzuri

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