World's End Corp.


Daiki Hadeawa


A hardworking eccentric idol from America! Daiki is a foreign performer now residing within Japan, being fluent in Japanese and English. He is close friends with Yumi and was once virtual Pen Pals with her. He sings with a powerful, robust toned voice.


Tes Hanta


A laid back android within the company, Tes performs within a duo with their sibling Phoebe. Their main interests are moreso fashion over music but their are motivated to perform by their sibling. They sing with a calm, husky toned voice.


Zophie Ariti


A mature, maternal figure and idol within World's End. Zophie originates from Greece and is one of the longest remaining idols under the company. Zophie is seen as a mother figure by many in the company. She sings with a melodious, sweet toned voice.


Yumi Shousuika


A sweet, humble idol originating from the rural parts of Japan. Yumi is very kind and giving and will always make her friends her top priority. She is close friends with Daiki and was once virtual Pen Pals with him. She sings with a soft, cute toned voice.




A lethargic, care-free idol, Jett is a novice within the company and is also its youngest member. They have a close relationship with Zophie who acts as sort of a caregiver to them. They sing with an androgynous, mellow tone.




A trendy idol originating from Korea, Kiakane is a newer member of the company who has a great love for both makeup and social media. She often keeps up with the latest makeup trends and posts on TikTok.  She sings with a cute, bright toned voice.


Gyoku Shu


A mature, novice idol who recently joined the company. Gyoku joined World's End as a means of being the Company's bodyguard. She now has grown a love for music and wishes to also perform for her own sake.