EvoCrit Hub's Bulletins

Cyber Monday Deals

Posted 1 month, 29 days ago by aquapyrofan

For Cyber Monday, there will be deals on most, if not all, items in the EvoCrit Store.  Check them out!  Deals are available on November 26, 2018 and the server uses Pacific Standard Time.

EvoCrit Coins

Posted 6 months, 7 days ago by aquapyrofan

I'm rolling out a new currency, EvoCrit Coins, which can be converted to the paid currencies for any project you choose.  To purchase EvoCrit Coins, send me a PM with the following:

  • Your EvoCrit username
  • Your email (so I can send an invoice)
  • The amount you'd like to spend.

EvoCrit Coins are roughly 10 cents each, with a minimum purchase of $3.

I should be rolling out shops and things to buy with the paid currencies over the next few weeks.  Note that it will still be possible to get them for free, it's just harder and currently unimplemented.

This system will take the place of the current EvoCrit store.

News + Poll

Posted 8 months, 22 days ago by aquapyrofan

What should I focus on?

3 Votes Finishing owed characters
0 Votes Writing interactive site code
1 Votes A little of both

I have created a new species known as Byte Angels, their information will be on the site in a few days.  Additionally, notifications are in progress and will be added soon, finally.

Revamp Requests

Posted 10 months, 27 days ago by aquapyrofan

If you have an EvoCrit character, and you would like their art revamped to my current quality level, you may comment with them on this bulletin.  Please note that in order to be considered, the character must be at least three months old or have three months elapsed since the last revamp.