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Coding And Such

Posted 11 months, 19 days ago by aquapyrofan

Which should I work on next?

1 Votes Domeni Food Critter Profiles + Evolution
0 Votes AeroFluff Profiles + Mechanics
0 Votes CardTamers Breeding Info (profile tab)
0 Votes Arcane Cards Kanami Profiles (Suikana ARPG)
0 Votes Witches ARPG Profiles + Wands
0 Votes CardTamers Daily Login

I've been working on a lot of code for the EvoCrit website, doing smaller and larger projects with the goal of working up to on-site CardTamers exploration and combat.

The poll is for the next such project in the process of working up to my goal I should work on, since I don't entirely know what to work on next.

EvoCrit Feature Poll

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by aquapyrofan

Which should I work on first?

0 Votes On-Site Gardening
2 Votes On-Site Battling
0 Votes Daily Login Rewards
0 Votes On-Site Exploration
0 Votes On-Site Inventory Management

I've been planning to add some new features to EvoCrit, so I'd like to know what everybody wants to see first.   I will likely do all of these, but I just want to know which to focus on for now.

On-Site Inventory Management basically refers to stuff like character equipment, Whirbet furniture management, etc.

Site Back Up

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by aquapyrofan

The EvoCrit site is back up and functional again.  I will be working on it less until I finish moving, however.  This is expected to be the 30th/1st, and then it might be a little while after that to get settled in.

Website Downtime

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by aquapyrofan

The EvoCrit website is currently down for reasons beyond my control (it's on the webhost's side).  They have not provided me much in the way of details, but I will update when there are details.  This will definitely impact anything requiring the website, such as registrations, new character creations, MYO approvals, etc.  If it persists for long enough, the MYO events I had planned will be delayed too.

For now I will be focusing on my upcoming move, and once I'm settled in my new place, if the site is still not up, I will work on the TH worlds for the projects.

Site Suggestions

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago by aquapyrofan

I am going to be recoding the EvoCrit site almost entirely and so I will be able to implement more in-depth suggestions when I do.  This means I am especially looking for any and all suggestions, so I can incorporate them into the new version of the site.

Feel free to comment any suggestions you have for EvoCrit's site below.

AureSearch - Now Open!

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by aquapyrofan

I'm working on revamping my AureSearch project, and the Toyhouse world for it is now open!  Explore, request a starter, and more!  Breeding is currently in progress but will be added soon, and profiles should be up in the next few days.

New Project: Crystal Cosmos (WIP)

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago by aquapyrofan

I am currently working on a new EvoCrit project!  The working title for this one is "Crystal Cosmos", and while the world isn't set up yet, it will be soon.  Keep an eye out for freebies and more.


Posted 4 years, 18 days ago by aquapyrofan

I'm currently working on setting up ARPGs for several projects in their individual worlds.  Currently I've mostly set up the Suikana world and I'm working on the Domeni world.  I'm also going to be adding information about the projects and their ARPGs in the pages for this world.  If you want me to focus on any specific world/project, feel free to comment it below.

Crosspost Requests

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago by aquapyrofan

In order for a character to be crossposted to TH from the EvoCrit site, you must fill out the below form.  Remember, you are responsible for maintaining accuracy of information on the TH character, and you must follow the usage rules.

If you're looking for a template to use for their profile, I highly recommend [Freebie] Species Keep.  I have my own templates, which are available on request.

Character Name:
EvoCrit Internal ID:
Profile Template?:[Y/N]

The EvoCrit Internal ID is the ID you see after their name when you look at the character in "My Adopts". You can put the form multiple times in a single comment to request multiple characters.

You can also edit your profile settings on the EvoCrit site to request crossposts for all your characters.

Cyber Monday Deals

Posted 4 years, 4 months ago by aquapyrofan

For Cyber Monday, there will be deals on most, if not all, items in the EvoCrit Store.  Check them out!  Deals are available on November 26, 2018 and the server uses Pacific Standard Time.