The following is intended to be a comprehensive guide to terms as they are used on and in relation to EvoCrit.

Administrative Action: A catch-all term for actions taken by an EvoCrit administrator.  Can range from changing a value in the database to deleting a user account.

Adoptable: A design for use with EvoCrit, sometimes used to mean ones that are available to purchase or otherwise obtain.

ARPG: Short for "Adoptable RolePlaying Game" or "Art RolePlaying Game."  ARPGs are the main draw of EvoCrit, and are currently mostly available on Toyhouse.

Character: An owned adoptable.

IGN: Short for "In-Game Name."  Username on the EvoCrit site.

Internal Name: The name used to refer to a specific EvoCrit character in site code.  Follows the format of a project-specific letter sequence followed by the adoptable's ID number (e.g. CT15 would be CardTamers ID 15).

Mini-Game: A game which is integrated into the EvoCrit site and allows for the collection of project currency, characters, and more.

Mystery Adopt: Any adoptable where the design which is being obtained is not visible before purchase.

Mystery Capsule: A specific type of Mystery Adopt where some details about the character may be chosen, but very little is otherwise known about the result.

OTA: Short for "Offer To Adopt."  A method of obtaining an adoptable where offers are made and the offer which is chosen determines who gets the adoptable.

Project: The specific term for a specific EvoCrit IP.  Includes the ARPG, Mini-Games, and any other related goods.  Read more here.

Project Currency: Currency which can be obtained in a project and generally cannot be used outside that project.

RLC: Short for "Real Life Currency."  Currency (such as USD) which is used in the real world.

Roll: A single, randomly generated result from an action taken in an ARPG or the result of a Mystery Capsule.

Tracker: The EvoCrit Tracker site.  Currently the only EvoCrit site which is enabled, as the main site is being redone.

Unofficial Character: A character from before EvoCrit existed.  Read more here.

Voucher, Vouching: Indirectly purchasing an adoptable by means of trading goods and/or services which have been purchased specifically as payment.  This is not allowed under the EvoCrit ToS.