Show me your killers!

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Okay, so this is my first time making a thread, if I mess anything up, let me know ;7;

But anyway, I want to see your little murderers, serial killers, assassins, and yanderes!~ I have a weakness for these kinds of characters, show 'em off to me!

LilacAutoMatic Tagging myself

Harrow's usual work required a good deal of killing. He freed criminals/captives/slaves who happen to be denizens (like him) and recruited them for his queen. Of course, guards don't tend to let one lockpick in peace, so they were disposed of as needed. Harrow also tends to spark fights even outside of his job, and his opponents occasionally meet a fatal end. 

Lucien, just like other vetehi, hunt humans for food. But Lucien is particularly known for being extremely cruel towards her prey, and especially she loves pretending to kiss only to literally eat the human's face off. She is violent by nature and arrogant on the top of that, and even other vetehi fear her because there is no way telling what she is going to do next: she ripped off another vetehi's eye simply because she liked them so much, and there are plenty more horrible deeds on her list of terrible things she has done. 

Ragnarok was an assassin as a teen and into his adult years, and he particularly enjoyed eating his victims alive. The organization he was working for certainly made his mental instabilities and aggressive tendencies a lot worse, but alas... even this remorseless killer was no match for the wiles of a tiny woman who became his tiny wife. He still liked killing people and even taught her how to fight and defend herself, but she made him drop that habit of eating people. *sigh* But marriage means compromise, no?

Madeline is actually a yandere and a cannibal, being so obsessed with candy and sweets she attempts to make candy out of others. (Yeah, she's super creepy.) She also has her eyes on my main series' protagonist Tate, and so far seems determined to kill Tate's best friend/crush Mocha.

I'd also point to Quentin (who is kind of a maniac) and Momiji (an assassin who is quite yandere for Fern).

Alois is my biggest murder mcmurderface. He has basically grown up involved with the military and at one point received training to become an assassin. Now that he's free and out on his own, he doesn't actively go on killing sprees or anything but anyone who makes it on his List can guarantee they will get murdered horribly because he likes to toy with people psychologically a lot as well.

I WOULD BE REMISS IF I DIDN'T ALSO POINT OUT ALOIS'S BF(F) JACK, who is also a trained assassin who is great at taking people out though he doesn't do it for fun and just acts as ordered.

I'M SORRY JUST ONE MORE I HAVE SO MANY OF THEM. But anyway, here's Jet, a man-eating spaceosaurus. His true form is that of a quetzalcoatlus monster, but he hides out as whatever sentient species is on the planet he's about to destroy. His most recent disguise is a human on Earth. He is basically a horrible person who particularly likes to prey on the weak. He'll find a target he knows won't fight back and scares easy, then gains their trust before revealing what he is and eating them alive. It's his biggest joy in life (other than his looks).

He has such a cute face and yet such a nasty hobby. His face doesn't match his words, oh boy. I guess you could probably call him Yandere/Yangire(This might be a bit more accurate) to an extent--although he doesn't really try hide his nastiness, LOL

I suppose Diana qualifies as a Yandere, but you'd never know it by interacting with her. She likes the men she falls for so much she keeps all their hearts, and she erases anyone who stands between them of course. Oddly enough she hasn't been caught yet...

And her sister Dolly just likes turning cute boys into dolls and also killing anyone who gets in the way. Is that so wrong? of course it is

Vivian is an assassin, althogh nowadays she does more than just assassination jobs. In a way she claims she has retired from her old assassin career she started out really early on but honestly, Vivian has already chosen her path as an assassin until she no longer can do that job. 

Luca is a headhunter who's for hire to track down people under the condition that the client only needs the target alive and she can dispose of them herself. She has her own reasons for this, but as a result she has a high body count.

Forest Xu is your friendly neighbourhood assassin. He doesn't normally kill unless he's been hired to do it and he's normally calm and collected, but Lord have mercy if you get on his bad side. He's not the most sociable of people either. Most of the people he talks to are crime syndicates.

Oooo, I'll probably drop more of my babies here later, but for now have a Cordelia~ She gets a thrill out of murder and uses everything from the body so no one ever finds it, let it be in her potions, spells or general cooking. B) Yep, she's a cannibal.