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Cibo Matto

01 — Profile

Name Aria
Age adult
Pronouns they/them
Height 179cm
Zodiac taurus☀ aquarius☽ Leo↑
Species android
Orientation bi/aro
Occupation singer/performer

Status nfs
Designer PrinceOscar
Worth $2000 ~ $2100
  • their eyes are color shifting; they can be blue on top and brown on the bottom or vice versa

  • their pupil is diamond shaped and white

  • their chest is flat (except for a little muscle) and has diamond shaped scars (top surgery)

  • their boots are made of a vinyl-like material

  • their halo isn't attached to them and the orbs spin around

  • the wires on their stomach pop out and are used for charging or connecting to devices

  • their fringe is dyed and can be drawn vivid or faded

02 — Personality

Aria is typically laid back. They don't stress about formalities, and they prefer to approach new situations with an optimistic mindset. They're very talkative and often find themself rambling, so they prefer talking to quiet people who would rather listen. Despite their positive outlook, Aria is quick to develop grudges and tends to hold on to them for a really long time.

Aria is also stubborn and strong-willed. While they do accept criticism, they also have a strong drive to do things their own way. Aria despises being told what to do, especially if it's coming from someone they don't consider part of their close circle, including any higher authorities like the government. Similarly, they despise pretentious people who think they know best and make unsolicited (and often condescending) suggestions.

They wear their heart on their sleeve; it's always obvious what they're feeling, even when they try to hide it. They're a terrible liar in general. Even when they can muster a convincing excuse, their demeanor gives it away. They're not afraid to express their feelings, even those that are often deemed unpleasant. Aria will go out of their way to ensure people who wronged them know that they've upset them, but they'll also make sure the people they love know they're loved.

Part of why making music is so important to Aria is because of the expressive nature of music. As an android, creating art is something that helps Aria feel validated as a person regardless of their origin.

Aria definitely requires lots of attention. They like it when others pay attention to them and they love being praised. They go out of their way to seek the approval of people they admire, sometimes unhealthily so. Part of what drew them toward their career as a performer was the attention and the praise and the validation. That also means they take criticism pretty hard. While they accept criticism and work to improve, they also beat themself up over it a lot. Despite their love of attention, Aria likes to keep their work and their personal life very separate. They hate it when people snoop around to find details about their personal life, and they're grateful they're not well-known enough for paparazzi to hunt them down.

Because of how hectic and unstable Aria's work life can be, they like to indulge in slow paced pastimes between work. They like to save the big and loud parties for after their shows, and prefer small potlucks with close friends on their slow days.

One of Aria's favorite hobbies is stargazing. They like that it can be something that requires lots of planning and calculations, but they also enjoy just lying down on a roof or some grass and meditatively looking up at the cosmos. They find comfort in thinking about how every living thing on earth is made of stardust forged in the cores of ancient stars that died billions of years ago.

Aria is definitely a very physical, tactile, and concrete person. They learn things best by doing them firsthand. They're not the best at thinking in abstracts, and need instructions to be written down for them to follow them satisfactorily. This need for physicality also manifests as their appreciation for pleasant physical sensations, like being bundled up in a soft, warm blanket and taking a nap, but also cuddling with someone.


  • stargazing

  • making music

  • napping and cuddling

  • being the center of attention


  • being told what to do/authority in general

  • pretentious and condescending people

  • nosy people

  • lack of attention or validation

03 — Background

Aria started their existence as an automaton, a mindless robot with no sense of self. Equipped with a simple AI, Aria’s function was to do maintenance work on orbiting objects such as satellites and space stations. In the eyes of the company that forged them, Aria (and the hundreds of thousands of other automatons) were disposable tools and nothing more. In fact, once a more effective and up to date automaton model came out, Aria was quickly discarded. They were abandoned in a junkyard and festered there for months.

That is, until they were hauled out from under a heap of junk by Miles, a PhD student in robotics. Once Aria was brought back to his lab, their AI was salvaged and developed so that Aria gained human-level intellect. Miles also painstakingly rebuilt their body using as many parts from their original form as possible. Aria was the culmination of Miles’s years of work. Many prototypes existed before them, all failed.

When Aria first awakened, the memories from years of being an automaton flooded their mind, but now they were able to actually create thoughts, not just store sensory input. In their newly sentient state, Aria immediately had an existential crisis over what it means to be alive and over what purpose they existed for.

During the first year of Aria’s new life, they were in a constant process of defining their identity. Slowly, with the help of Miles, Aria realized and accepted their personhood, regardless of anyone saying otherwise. They also started learning how to sing as a way to express themself, and when they felt comfortable enough they started sharing their music online.

Aria met Vivi, a cyborg, through a forum for artificial people in their city. The two of them quickly made friends. During this timespan, Aria also started itching to move out of Miles’s basement, as they wanted to experience more things and more people. To make enough money to move out and stay moved out, Aria signed up for a paid research study on human-passing artificial people. Vivi also joined in, and with the addition of one more roommate (Willow) they were able to afford a modest two-bed-one-bath apartment. Aria got the smaller room to themself.

During their time living on their own, Aria’s singing career started to pick up speed as the views and clicks increased on their uploads, and so they started getting booked to sing at venues, and soon enough they were scouted by a small label focusing on artificial musicians. At that point they were already relatively well known locally, and with their new contract their music started spreading even more.

Thanks to their newfound success, Aria was able to afford a better apartment, living on their own now. They did, however, help Miles move into their old apartment with Vivi and Willow, as he still lived with his abusive parents at that point, paying for his cut of rent, utilities, and food until he could sustain a job. Aria also got Vivi and Willow into singing. They tend to do their own thing as hobbyists, but will sometimes collaborate on some of Aria’s songs. Another collaborator that pops into Aria’s music once in a while is Misha, a fellow android and a singer signed onto the same label. Her and Aria are good friends.

Thanks to their platform, Aria was able to get more into activism. They were always passionate about fighting for the rights of artificial people, but now they had the reach to make a much bigger impact. A lot of their activism consists of fundraisers, charity concerts, awareness and informative videos and interviews, and sometimes even debates.

Nowadays, Aria can be found lounging in their apartment, surrounded by beautiful things. They’ll often have company over, whether it’s their close circle or other guests.

04 — Trivia

  • Aria chose their own name based on a previous failed prototype Miles created.

  • Aria loves crystals, especially amethyst and most aura quartzes.

  • Their favorite star is Polaris and their favorite astronomical phenomenon is shooting stars.

  • Aria's favorite drink is taro milk tea (especially if it has boba)

  • Aria is actually really heavy (172kg) because their endoskeleton being made of metal.

05 — Relationships


Miles saved Aria from rotting in a junkyard and turned them into an android. The two of them are very close and consider each other family.

Though they don't like saying it out loud, Aria feels indebted to Miles, and is also very protective of him. They've seen firsthand how badly he's been treated.


Vivi and Aria met online and have been friends ever since. They were roommates at one point.

They have a close, almost sibling-like bond. When they lived together, they constantly annoyed each other and stole each other's stuff. Despite their banter, they deeply care about each other and are inseparable.

Aria is really invested in seeing Vivi succede, and does their best to help him out whenever the chance arises.


Aria got to know Willow when he moved in with them and Vivi. They're good friends, but not super close.

Willow reminds Aria of Miles, so they do feel a bit protective of him.


Aria and Misha are with the same label and met when the two were asked to collaborate. They consider each other friends, but they really don't know much about each other.

They have a little bit of a rivalry going on, though it's all in good fun.