The prodigal son. Trying to be better.

atoning // earnest // placid

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2001


Full Name Nash ??? Age 25 Species Human
Nicknames none Birthday September 2, 1981 Gender Male
Prefers Nash Zodiac Virgo Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Other friends/family Religion Hindu Sexuality Gay
Group Role ??? Background ??? Relationship Status Dating Anirudh
Day Job Yoga instructor Birthplace ??? Living Situation Currently living with Otter

Nash was once a rotten kid, brash and disrespectful and ready to fight the world. He skipped out on his family as soon as he turned 18, leaving his ailing mother in the care of his sister and running away to "find himself." Well, he found a lot of things out West, and now he's responsible for a child. After a situation with his boyfriend Anirudh becomes complicated, Nash finds himself suddenly thrust into being sole caretaker for Ani's little son, Otter. Humbled from his experiences and lost as to how to Be a Dad, he's returned to New York seven years later hoping for forgiveness-- and help with the kid.

Nash is a mountain climber and a new age type, into meditation and yoga. For now, he's working as a yoga instructor. He's also a Bird Guy. Most of all, he's interested in trying to be a better dad to Otter than he was a son and brother, which is a pretty low bar.

Height: 6'1"/185cm Build: Fit, lanky
Eyes: Bright blue Hair: Blond, straight
Handedness: Left Style: New age

Nash is tall and long-legged, with long blond hair that's usually pulled back into a ponytail and bright blue eyes.

He dresses like a new agey or hipster dad, I guess-- he likes loose, airy clothing and light colors. I associate him with lions and birds or feathers.


Anirudh Boyfriend


Otter Boyfriend's Son

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