The missing man.

ebullient // chaotic // devoted

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2020


Full Name Anirudh Anand Age 26 Species Human
Nicknames Ani Birthday October 7, 1980 Gender Male
Prefers Either Zodiac Libra Pronouns He/Him
Group Other friends/family Religion Hindu Sexuality Bisexual
Group Role Nash's boyfriend Background Indian Relationship Status Dating Nash
Day Job ??? Birthplace ??? Living Situation Good question

Anirudh, or "Ani," is as chaotic a person as he is a good guy; he and his equally disastrous boyfriend Nash certainly deserve each other. Ani means everything well, but he has a big heart and a tendency to get himself involved in all sorts of things most people would have been wise enough to avoid.

He is Otter's dad, and he loves his little boy more than the sun. He means to be a good dad, too, but he's currently MIA because of a situation that got... complicated. Ani's left Otter in Nash's sole care for now, a role his boyfriend really was not prepared for.

In the meantime, Nash is trying his best to be a parent and really hoping Ani comes back soon.

Height: 5'7"/170cm Build: Sturdy
Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Dark brown, wavy
Handedness: Right Style: Casual

Anirudh dresses casually and practically, typically with some bold colors.


Nash Boyfriend


Otter Son

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