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Summary 🌈

As the integral electromagnetic structure, Farley is the living embodiment of magnetism, color, electromagnetism, electricity, light, and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Electromagnetism exists because Farley exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this. He is also one of the strongest Mag Frags, due to the potency of his affinity.

Yet, he does his best to keep out of the way of the others, shirking his responsibility and power like it's going out of style. The idea of having to support others, or - stars forbid - have people depend on him makes Farley clam up, so he spends his days hiding instead.

He was found young, adopted into the COR by Jubilee, who alerted the Mags of the new baby. As the first new Mag they'd ever met, everyone instantly set to fawning over Farley, which set off his "I NEED SPACE" alarm and he instantly withdrew. Though he does love them all and enjoys the attention, he's too terrified to admit it.

In recent years, befriending Vodovorot has helped Farley grow out of his shell a little bit. The other's infectious optimism and unwavering idealism appeal deeply to Farley, who would rather the world be a good place WITHOUT needing his assistance tending to it.

So now he just talks to randos in Internet chatrooms under many pseudonyms.

Details 🌈

Biographic Information

Name Farley


Phonetics far-lee

Height smallish

Birthdaynot happening


UniverseCOR HQ

Occupation Jubilee's errandboy

AffiliationMagnitude Fragments; Coalition of Reality

Affinity Electromagnetism

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Puma

AlignmentLawful Neutral


Primary Theme ♬24

Secondary Theme ♬Bigmouth Strikes Again

Personality 🌈

Tries not to promise anything, because the sheer expectation of having to follow up is crippling. Barely holds down his job; only succeeds because of its menial basic tasks. Immense guilt over the realization of this is paralyzing. Relies on denial to get him through a day without breakdowns. 

Loves logic puzzles and processing information, but imposter syndrome stops him from sharing any of it. Terrified of looking stupid if he says anything; convinced everyone else around him is more of an expert than he is. Refuses to share opinions.

Attacks viciously when in a corner. Doesn't know enough about people to manage to conjure personal insults, but tends to be cutting enough to scare others off. Hates this aspect of himself, but can't reason himself out of stopping.

Wishes to be a good, moral role model. Admires collected, calm figures of authority and attempts to emulate them. Finds worth in guiding the younger Mags, as the eldest of their group, and does an OK job at it. Scared to ask for advice.

Envious of people he finds freed or unrestricted, like Juice. Would kill to be like him. Knows he could take concrete steps to become more like Juice, but knows he can't.

Backstory 🌈

need to redo this, but basically:

  • born from a singularity split that also formed quantum, juice, and proximity
  • wandered around in the timeline he'd been yeeted into, which was under COR surveillance at the time. mindfucked most mortals, so frags got called in
  • most people couldn't get close but jubilee could, who realized what Farley was and instantly took him under the wing of the COR
  • farley is given a job as a pencil-pusher, making paper copies, delivering notes, etc
  • things are happy office hijinks til suza, positioned at the cor, sniffs out farley
  • suza alerts mags, who all bum-rushed farley, the first baby mag they'd ever seen
  • sudden attention made farley panic as they tried to explain his destiny as The Most Powerful Thing Ever, Who Is Also A Cute Widdle Baby (squeezes cheeks)
  • told them all to fuck off, which they begrudgingly did
  • fending off mags trying to befriend him now interrupts office hijinks :(
  • becomes more reclusive, spends time in internet chatrooms under pseudonyms and roleplay accounts to try to fulfill urge to socialize
  • actually super wants to join the mags, but fears he can't live up to their expectations and also the RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING STRONGEST BOY
  • then vodovorot shows up and Everything Is Out The Window
  • also... he's no longer strongest boy... :thonk:


 FARLEY … @🌈 


LocationCoalition of Reality

Following 55


Joined ???

  • Clear skies
  • Cloudy skies
  • Talking
  • Crowded places
  • Secluded places
  • uhhh
  • errrrrrrrrr
  • not much
  • maybe like
  • cockroaches


6648933_Xgw.pngselfie? :)

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Relationships 🌈

Check out the Links section for in-character thoughts!

Vodovorot    (partner)
Best friend, if not partner. Sort of less in a romantic way, and more platonic. Feels like he's the only person actually on his own level, and that they just get each other. Relieved to have finally made a proper connection with another person.


Juice    (part...ner...?)
Not sure if they're dating. Trying to quantify it results in Juice laughing in his face. But... likes his personality, and is flattered Juice is so interested in him. So, so happy the weight of being strongest Mag is off his shoulders now. Willing to do shenanigans if they're not dangerous.


Jubilee    (boss)
Was the one who took him in, introduced the Mags to him, and gave him a job when he fled. Admires and deeply appreciates all Jubilee has done for him. This triples whenever he finds out how poorly Juice, Proximity, and Quantum had lived in the meantime.


Proximity    (friend)
They're close, right? He's always around Juice so they've  grown to know each other a bit. Likes Prox's general slight chillness and easygoing nature. Has made attempts to reach out, but they seemingly fall on deaf ears, much to his disappointment.


Peresekat    (go away)
Never leaves him alone. Secretly kinda glad for that; not sure how his mental state would do if he ever thought the Mags lost interest in him. Does think Pere's a little bit too overzealous and... well, self-centered, though, to be a proper friend. So please go away.


Kolo    (help me)
Right so you're the leader - enforcer, whatever. Why aren't you wrangling these other guys more? Please? Can you wrangle them?


Zmeya    (hhhhhhhhhhhhhh?)
Glad Jedana is wrangling this one and not him, because honestly, has no idea how the fuck he's meant to help Zmeya. Feels really, REALLY bad about the Genesis thing, but what can he do? Vodo understands the situation more intimately and is better equipped, anyways.


Devetougao    (friend?)
Juice got to Devy before Farley did, and damn, it shows. Quantum is enraged constantly at this and half-blames Farley, which only worsens his feelings towards Devy. Knows objectively Devy is innocent in this, but is still pissed irrationally.


Trinaestougao    (ah shit)
Oh my stars she has so many issues. Especially regarding self-esteem. Where did she even pick that up?! And the cherry on top is - of course - none of what Farley says seems to ever work. Add her to the pile of therapy failure next to Quantum.


Quantum    (stressful)
The guy is completely unresponsive to any therapy given, and has like a billion complexes. And now that he's friends with Juice, Quantum's withdrawn from Farley even more. How's he supposed to be a good mentor and role model now...?


Shestiugolnik    (acquaintance)
Likes seeing the other around the Internet as a familiar face, but doesn't like interacting. Has spoken with multiple mortals in his hivemind and can't really think of any downsides to the whole idea, since everyone seems happy. Win-win?


Kvadrat    (stalker)
Wishes he'd stop trying to find his accounts and alts. Frightened every single time Kva, without fail, sends a follow request on a new account. Has turned his computer upside-down trying to figure out how the fucker does it.


Dijamant    (um)
Briefly friends with benefits until Farley realized what he was doing and promptly cut it off. Now feels horribly awkward when Dij is around (often) and is full of distilled regret over their past (constantly). Cannot fucking believe Kolo is dating him now.


Srce    (help)
Ok he's just really overbearing and his expectations every time they try to hang out just end up suffocating any goodwill he has towards Srce. He's just too... smothering? Bossy? And simpering, all at the same time. Just a really bad combination.


Tidbits 🌈

Small pieces of information that don't belong elsewhere.


Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Prisms, magnets, rainbows
Activity, silence, compromise
Censors, rejection, longing

Power: to negotiate

Tarot Card: Two Swords

Timeline: n/a

Name Origins

Farley named himself when he was younger, so his name is stupid and silly. But if he was allowed to name himself now, it'd be something horrible like "Elektrica" or "Magniia." So really Farley is the lesser of two evils.

In Fights

Haha, as if Farley fights.

But if he did, or was pressured into it, he'd try to resolve it as quickly and peaceably as possible - stripping someone of their magic, encasing them in an inescapable box, putting truth spells or geasa on them to force them to comply to his superior's will. Because Farley isn't going to fight unless authority figures implore him.

Living Spaces

Messy, clearly well-lived-in, but not disgusting or repulsive (helped by the fact that he doesn't eat, drink, or use a bathroom). Discarded packaging has stacked near his favored haunts - the computer chair and the bed. Lights are rarely on, but when they are, the full spectrum of gorgeous colors of the furniture and decorations is displayed. He's got an eye for palettes, clearly.

Lives in the COR, in a designated area of headquarters just for his residence. But he does have a corresponding plot of land in Magtown. There's just a door that leads to HQ's room.

Public Perception

Status as a Mag is unknown except by high-ranking COR members (top of the top). Seen by normal workers as just Jubilee's errandboy/that office kid. There's something off about his high position and his lack of history/identity, but most people don't mull it over too long. 

To the older Mags, beloved and adored despite his demeanor. They're all waiting for him to finally wisen up and come hang out. No hard feelings or grudges from Farley's behavior.

Among younger Mags, uncertain. Some respect his authority, expertise (lol), and opinions, while others see him as a peer. Nobody looks down on him.

Self Perception

Relieved he doesn't have to do shit. Terrified that he should be doing shit. Completely unable to marry those two warring concepts in his brain; prefers to ignore through denial or purposeful rejection. Copes with self-loathing by pretending it doesn't exist. Suffers extreme guilt whenever he hears about issues and difficulties; feels he should be universally fixing those, as an all-powerful benevolent god should. 

Trivia 🌈

  • Don't ask what his favorite color is. All colors are his favorite color. He sees more colors than your brain can begin to comprehend. The world is a beautiful, dazzling, confusing mash of many different vibrant sensations.
  • Loves Autumn, because wow trees look real fucky during Autumn
  • Ambidextrous
  • Moveset: Baneful Bunker / Hold Back / Baby-Doll Eyes / Prismatic Laser
  • Really enjoyed meeting Suza (don't tell Suza)
  • Eats socially, but doesn't really eat alone. Prefers just having a drink most of the time, but will eat just about anything if it's offered to him
    • Prefers sweet things, like milkshakes and ice creams
  • Strongest sense is touch; strongest taste is sweet
  • Ambidextrous, no preference
  • Relates to Pya's conflict the most out of the Mags, but does like all of them for various reasons
  • Loves to take photographs of places he's visited, has several blogs centered around this
  • Spends a lot of free time in mortal chatrooms; very tech-savvy and has multiple anonymous identities that he uses on various sites
    • Mostly just talks to people and runs aesthetic blogs, doesn't do anything illegal or mess around with mortals
    • Definitely has Totally doesn't have a porn-y alt where he posts saucy images of himself with his head obscured by an old computer monitor
    • Pretends he's computer-illiterate to the other Mags, especially Kvadrat
  • Purposely avoids speaking in concept and thought, like the other Mags do (his voice sounds totally normal, albeit squeaky, like he's going through puberty)
  • Likes roleplaying and would be good at theatre/acting, if he had any passion for it
  • Sings sweetly and has a high register 

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