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Cassiana Hale

Mellow and easy-going, Cass is low-energy and rather serene in demeanor. Shadar-kai, relative to other races, are generally quite void of emotion. While Cassiana does experience emotions, her emoting is very muted and subtle; she never has any outbursts of intense emotion on any corner of the spectrum. This is not, however, to say she is cold and aloof. Cass is amicable and pleasant to be around, vibing well with just about anyone because so little seems to bother her.

Pronunciation cass - ee - AH - nah

Pronouns She/Her

Race Shadar-kai

Class Cleric

Subclass Grave Domain

Age ~80 years (young adult)

Height 5'5"

Do Draw Them
  • Any moderate/muted emotion
  • With Nils and/or Cha Cha (see Relationships tab for details)
  • With Ven, a wild vulture who follows her around
  • With her staff if she is standing
  • In any outfit (existing or otherwise) that covers her body more or less from the neck down; fantasy-viking/norse type aesthetics work best!
Don't Draw Them
  • Showing any emotion with intensity
  • With her limbs intact; she is missing her left arm from just above the elbow, and her left leg from mid-thigh (magic prosthetic smoke-like hand and standard prosthetic leg are optional, but the amputations themselves are not)
  • Without scarring; the left side of her body is severely torn up, most visibly on the left side of her head and scalp
  • With two normal eyes; she's missing her left eye, so it is commonly replaced with a glass eye, which just slightly does not match the same exact color as her intact eye
  • Without her torc; it's her wedding band and is incapable of being removed


Cassiana has an appearance somewhat like that of a corpse, with sickly pale complexion and pale eyes that almost look clouded over. Her extremities (hands, feet, tips of her ears) naturally transition to a dark grey pigmentation, with the tips of her fingers, toes, and ears almost being off-black. In places where her skin would usually be a bit pinker, such as her lips, it is instead a soft color that is very nearly grey, as well.

Her body is covered in damage along the left side of her torso and head. Much of this is in the form of scars or missing anatomy, but there is a prominent, deep seam along her torso, as if it had been messily ripped almost completely in half, and then merely pressed back into its intended position. It is not an open wound, but it looks strange for a scar, as if it would be prone to easily opening again.

She looks like a corpse because she more or less is one. Cassiana was once Eidunn (pronounced like "Eden"), a perfectly able-bodied shield maiden. She met Nils, and despite her muted displays of emotion, her nature did nothing to stop them from falling in love. They married, spent many happy years together fighting side by side in a rebellion, until such pursuits finally ended them both. Eidunn was quite literally torn apart by a guard drake, losing two of her limbs and having her torso nearly ripped in half, dying a painful death. In the weeks that followed, Nils became too overcome with grief, and chose to lay beside her and join her in death.

And then, thirty years later, Eidunn awakened--without any memory of the life she had once lived. She wandered back out into the world, finding a new name for herself--Cassiana Hale--while behind her, only a month or two later, Nils awakened as well. But Nils remembered everything, and he immediately set out to find her, seeing she was no longer beside him.

When they reunited, his heart was broken all over again as he realized she didn't know who he was. But though Cassiana could not remember his name or how she knew him, she had loved him so deeply that the love itself, nameless and inexplicable, remained. The look on his face was one she immediately sought to save him from, and so she promised to figure out a way to remember. And in the meantime... Nils was willing to start over. They both were willing to fall in love again, quickly finding their rhythm with one another once more, despite all that had changed.

(Some lore!)



A love that transcended death itself.


A good friend she's made since returning to the world. They get along effortlessly, and spent a while living together before Nils found her again.


Cassiana works for him, helping get rid of some of the bodies he leaves in his wake. She enjoys making things out of them, like tea.


Achoris loves Cass' teas.


An old mutual friend to her and Nils, who worked alongside them in the resistence they all fought in.