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Jaska Piotovich

Jaska has a demeanor like the edge of a knife; he's always alert, often suspicious, and looks critically down his nose at those around him. He is not what most would consider friendly, but quite a dangerous criminal, in stark contrast to the personality of his brother. Heavily jaded by a short existence full of suffering, Jaska has rarely had the luxury of trust or the surety of safety.

And yet, the little devil he adopted is the center of his world, a daughter he has found unconditional love towards and would do anything for. His sister is a close second, as Valentine has only ever shown him unconditional love of her own--and has moved heaven and earth to get him whatever he needs to thrive. His affection towards her is far less overt than the love he gives his daughter, but it is there nonetheless. Luka, however, can fuck off.

Pronunciation JHAS - kah

Pronouns He/Him

Race Feral Tiefling

Class Rogue

Subclass Phantom

Age ???

Height 6'0"


Do Draw Them
  • Aloof/sinister/angry/calm/loving (towards Axa)
  • In any outfit (existing or otherwise) that suits him
  • With Valentine, Luka, and/or Axa (see Relationships tab for details)
  • With a Roman nose, featuring a prominent arch to it's shape
Don't Draw Them
  • Joyful, pretty much
  • With a tail like his brother's; Jaska has the hair on his tail tips trimmed so it doesn't grow as long and curly
  • With two matching eyes; his right eye (viewer's left) has a black sclera, ember-red iris, and slit pupil, whereas his opposite eye is gold like his brother's


Jaska, frankly, looks like an unhealither, malnourished version of his brother. And that observation wouldn't be too inaccurate. His complexion is duller than his siblings', and while his hair would create a beautiful sunset ombre like the rest of his family, except in darker, almost jewel-tone colors, he keeps it cut short, averse to the upkeep required with more length. His horns do not grow in the curl of his siblings', but in a different shape altogether, segmented like the tail of a scorpion. His features are a touch more gaunt than his brother's, his body a bit narrower and less filled out--though he is the same height as Luka.

(his left)
(his right)


His sister, and his first--sometimes only--advocate. From the start, Val has loved him unconditionally, and though he hasn't always been kind to her in return, her love has never wavered. It is through her assistance alone that Jaska even has his own body to live in at all, and there is little he does not trust her with.


Jaska's first memories are being within Luka's vessel, and the conflict and ultimate trauma it created to be treated as merely his psychological blemish instead of his own person has left deep scars in Jaska. Despite how inoffensive and sweet Luka is, Jaska has a deep hatred for him and would have likely killed him were it not for Valentine's involvement. In recent times, however, some of that hatred has eased ever so slightly, though he may never truly enjoy Luka's company.


A pureblooded devil summoned onto the material plane directly from Hell, whom Jaska crossed paths with by sheer chance. At first, he sought to merely survive the encounter, and perhaps have her banished back to her home plane. But no such banishment occurred, as Jaska quickly began to develop a soft spot for the feral little girl--and then a fondness, and then rapidly a full, devoted, unconditional love. He has adopted her as his daughter, and she is now the center of his world.


They couldn't have less in common, but Jaska considers her a good ally, which is about the highest degree of trust he's capable of affording those outside his family.

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