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As the integral diamond structure, Dijamant is the living embodiment of diamonds, rhombuses, and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Diamonds exist because Dij exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

Dijamant. Go on, say his name, bask in it - bask in the presence of a god, ruler of Timelines, one of the most powerful entities in the world. His dominion is royalty and power, and he exudes it. Or so he thinks.

Of the founding group of Mag Frags, Dij is the second-strongest, bowing only to Pya in raw magic and ability. And what better way to utilize his gift of power than to elevate the mortals? After all, it's hard for them to see past the split-second world they're trapped in, fretting so much about their day-to-day lives they never see the full picture of the world. But don't worry, Dij will help them see - and in doing so, he'll make them real people.

Confident, flirtatious, and bold, there's little Dij is terrified of and even littler that he answers to. He's not brainwashing people like Sessy, or actively harming his mortals, but he's got enough arrogance that criticism washes over his back like water. Idealistic, like all Mags, he does want what's best for others - but is convinced he can help take them there.

It doesn't help that he's genuinely observant and perceptive, funny and witty, able to keep up fun social situations without breaking a sweat. But all that pomp and effort is just hot air - underneath the constant cheerful persona, Dij is jaded and lonely, failing to connect with anyone meaningfully and desperate for a genuine conversation and genuine friendship.

Thank the stars Kolo showed up and solved that problem for him! 

Biographic Information

Name Dijamant

NicknamesDij, Dea, Dia


Height tallest

Birthdaysure! :)


Universei could annex you!

Occupation scheming, dictating, flirting

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Diamonds

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Varanus

AlignmentChaotic Evil

Primary Theme ♬Water Curses

Secondary Theme ♬Creepin' Up the Backstairs

The Dij that everyone knows is just a mask.

It's a nice one - cheerful, friendly, flirty. It always has a joke to offer, always has a quip to retort. It lets people lower their guards - he's smart, but not that smart; he's arrogant, but can't back it up; he's unobservant, but not too simple to hate talking to. It's served Dij well for many years, and he isn't hoping to be rid of it anytime soon. Nobody understands what he went through. Nobody would even hope to understand him. What's the point in trying to let others in, if it's just going to result in pain for both of them?

Terminally bored. Frustrates quickly with people, which swiftly develops into resentment. Has a sour taste for people he considers submissive, unthinking, and meek; can't mask how apathetic he is to their struggles. Values and celebrates confidence, self-assurance, and most importantly: effort. 

Gets a rush from being challenged, but becomes upset when the other person has a chance of beating him. Extremely competitive and usually has the skills/smarts to back it up, so is even more embarrassed when he loses. Hates having to swallow embarrassment and will go to extreme lengths to avoid it.

Chases those who pique his interest; relentlessly stalks them. (These people are, thankfully, few and far between). Will defer to them in most contexts; is eager to please them. Places them above all else in his mind, including himself. Desperately never wants them to leave him, ever.

Deeply despises parental figures, and readily accuses them of being abusive. Automatically mistrusts them.

Abandonment complexes rule his fears. Possessive and broken. The only way to get genuine fear out of him.



  • long long ago all the world was contained in the singularity, which was so lonely and sad it ripped itself apart into genesis and bereave, the creator deities~ ignore the fact that genesis stole all the creation magic
  • ignore the fact that bereave always resented genesis for that
  • when genesis created the world, they unknowingly also created the mags, the integral structures of the world - as a base blueprint for existence to draw timelines off of. they eventually found the mags sort of vibing in the void - genesis was instantly in love, bereave not so hot on them
  • genesis creates a glade for them & bereave & the mags to live together! and they'll teach the mags about the world genesis made!
    • this has widely been seen as a mistake.
  • dijamant is second strongest of this original group, second only to pya in power
  • um. i actually feel uncomfortable spoiling one of dij's pivotal character moments in his bio. i'll link the chapter he admits it all in but tl;dr his "childhood" was not very good
  • it's not identical to kolo's trauma but he highly relates to it (though they aren't close yet). anyways moving on
  • dij ends up taking on a lot of responsibility, especially regarding bereave, as he's the strongest fragment of (primarily) destruction magic. 
    • (mags are made of both but they're usually about 70/30 splits in one side or another. this doesn't mean they're predestined to destroy the world or something it just means their bad parents projected onto them lol)
  • a lot of the others look up to him for guidance, though he's very explicitly pushed aside in favor of pya, the true strongest. dij ends up heavily admiring and projecting onto pya, seeing pya as better than himself (a mix of trauma + knowing he's destruction magic) and wanting to be more like pya.
  • whatever pya does, he does. whatever pya wants. he wants. what does pya want? to make the timelines better, of course! genesis sucks at making them and keeps breaking everything :(
  • he tags along with pya to fix up timelines the best they can, eventually developing an ENORMOUS crush on him, spurred on by wow he's such a great person he is so deserving of respect and love and google what is idolizing
  • hangs out with pere, starts telling pere about how he feels re: pya, they start building friendship. pere is the first person he goes to to talk about his troubles or concerns, and he ends up feeling extremely close to pere.
  • bereave out of nowhere disappears, leaving the mags in disarray and genesis heartbroken. they beg dij and pya to try to find him. they agree, scouting out both timelines & the void between, but no dice.
    • secretly feels extremely angry and petty that bereave abandoned him, especially after dij was his primary confidante. doesn't say this bc everyone else is in "why did dad leave?!" mode.
  • kolo asks dij and pya to let him help search for bereave. begrudgingly, dij gives his blessing, and pya takes off with kolo. they return, kolo distraught, unable to speak, and pya confused. 
  • dij, frustrated, berates kolo for having made a stupid decision to tag along when he couldn't handle it, kolo barely reacts. confused, dij dismisses him and leaves again to resume searching.
  • when he gets back kolo seems to be better and is trying to organize the mags again. dij feels ambiently guilty about yelling at him but he seems ok so might as well just move forwards. 
  • but before they can find bereave, out of nowhere, genesis disappears.


  • everyone is very confused and concerned after genesis disappears. kolo especially seems uncomfortable.
    • then pya disappears, and most of the leading falls onto dij, and he's three times as panicked, having lost his pillar, stability, and goals (pya).
    • kolo takes over temporary leadership, organizing bands of mags and instructing dij on where to search. he alludes to some mystery forest
    • dij frantically searches for that forest, fails to find it. vents to pere about how he feels like a failure, that he can't even find *anyone* that's gone missing. pere tells him maybe some people just want to disappear? dij says thats bullshit.
    • out of nowhere, kolo comes back with pya in tow. dij feels upstaged and jealous. neither are forthcoming about where they went or where pya was found. dij gets more enraged, but swallows it. 
    • realizes he's getting wayyyy too used to swallowing his own feelings for others' sake. does nothing about it at the moment.
  • with some new distance between him and pya, dij feels somewhat empty and listeless. and when zehneck proposes the mags move away from g&b's glen, he obliges, though he can't shake a weird feeling of discomfort at abandoning their old home, and in some ways, parts of himself.
  • starts visiting other timelines, especially some of the new ones sprouted off the main timeline. sees as many problems and suffering as when he and pya were more actively trying to fix it. tries to invite pya out to fix a few, pya declines, says he's busy and that he should be more reserved, because of his power. dij is extremely confused at the sudden change of heart, but lies that he understands.
  • so... what now?
  • hatches a plan to take over some timelines in order to try to improve them, mostly following in the style of how he and pya used to patch up bad timelines - if pya won't help, fine, he'll make his own fix
    • establishes the ~diamond collective~ (ok he didn't name it) which is his own personal group of frags/mortals under his reign, the concept of which he totally didn't steal from sessy fuck you.
    • one of his earliest inductees is a fragment called rohmiden, who he sees a lot of himself in. ends up projecting onto roh, influences his appearance a lot, roh is like his second best friend and right hand. and handles a lot of the collective that dij struggles with, like mortal relations.
    • empire begins expanding more and more, with dij exerting more influence and control over his timelines. he's not a micro-manager, but he is absolutely a manager, and he has a perfect ideal for what timelines should be like.
    • after all, bereave was just a small modicum of the overall issue. most people are just too selfish and self-focused to see the bigger picture. they don't bother with things like empathy and caring about others and higher thinking, engrossed in banal and primal struggles. 
    • so he's here to remove those struggles and help - no, DEMAND that they grow as people, that they fully develop their ways of thinking and their thoughts. that's the REAL way to end suffering, to make sure every mortal has full knowledge and power to tackle the struggles that genesis stupidly left in creation! 
    • that's right! dij is going to help them become REAL PEOPLE!
  • kolo and pya whispering in bg: "is dij ok he seems sort of manic?" "i told you this fucking narc shouldn't be allowed control of so much, it's gone to his head, he's going full crazy dictator" "ok what should we do about it" "remove some of his timelines, take some of his power, remind him that he has to follow rules like the rest of us"
  • pya and kolo corner dij and demand he hand over control of most of his timelines. they'll leave him with roughly ten thousand if he goes willingly. dij accuses them of being jealous of how much he's helping, but OH SO KINDLY offers for them to join him in ruling so they can fully appreciate all the incredible work he's doing.
  • pya looks sort of tempted but kolo says "lol, no" and dij laughs "SUIT YOURSELF THEN" and kolo turns to pya and tells him "put him in his place" and dij shits a brick in realization 
  • though somewhat hesitantly, pya engages dij in a fight. though fight is kind of a generous term for "dij readied his stance and pya blasted him with a laser so powerful it nearly incinerated his physical form".
  • kolo marks off what timelines he's allowed to keep. it's down to three thousand. dij sits there numbly.
  • how could pya do this to him. weren't they friends? weren't they close? wasn't he doing a good thing? why was he punished for trying to help?
  • he's embarrassed it got so bad pya got involved, horrified that everyone saw him get beaten, ashamed to lose so many of his timelines. 
    • this is the first time kolo & pya have had to actually back up their rules and threats with follow-up and he's not happy about it.
    • kolo is also now checking up on him relatively commonly to ensure he's not sneaking around and trying to recruit more behind his back. apparently if he has good behavior for a lot of years maybe they'll consider just perhaps giving him some leeway again. but don't get your hopes up.
    • god fuck you kolo. he wishes you'd just kneel over and cry and whine like the baby you used to be.


  • life returns (?) to normal (?). dij simmers in frustration but knows he can't do anything, at least for the time being. 
    • he tries to figure out ways to power himself stronger than pya, or recruit mortals from other timelines sneakily, but he kind of doesn't want to risk getting in trouble again, especially with how close of an eye kolo has on him.
    • also there's no easy solutions to making himself stronger. he'd have to get a piece of genesis or bereave, and he simply doesn't have access to them - nobody knows where they've gone, or why.
  • feels like there's so much distance between him and pya that there's a mountain. decides this is the most easily tackled problem on his plate. 
    • starts pursuing pya, at first platonically and later romantically. he serves as a good soundboard for some of pya's issues, but he's pushy and arrogant about what pya should feel/be doing (as a back-result of his whole "MAKE REAL PEOPLE" mania), which also upsets pya in turn. 
    • dij doesn't fully understand what he's doing wrong so he asks pere to wingman for him and help smoothe pya's ego. dij isn't sociable enough to realize pya and pere are hitting up each other way more than he's getting on pya's good side.
      • note: pere isn't intentionally flirting with pya or anything. he's just the really good alternative to the narc sitting next to him and pya is extremely lonely and naive. 
    • equiv of drunk and resentful, dij hits up pya one night to ask him out. pya kind of awkwardly says he's dating pere. dij stares at him in shock and disbelief, then smashes something against a wall.
    • enraged, he demands to know why, how, why him, why betray him, what the fuck pere, what the fuck, pere?! you knew he loved pya, and you'd do him dirty like this?! you KNEW he had a crush, that he wanted you to play wingman, and you'd DO THIS to him?!
    • pere says it wasn't his fault, he wasn't trying to flirt, and it was pya's choice. and dij wasn't exactly nice to pya.
    • dij yells that pere should've pulled away more when he realized pya was catching feelings. pere says he should've been a better person. they argue until dij, frustrated, storms out, slamming the door.
    • he throws himself on his bed and sobs.
  • awash in loneliness and betrayal. suddenly feels like he's constantly pushing away everyone he cares about. self-examines, though overly negatively, and deduces people don't actually like the "Real" him and his real thoughts.
  • tries to go solo for a while - avoids others, socialization, etc. if there's no point in being the real him, then there's no point being around others.
  • fails to do this for long, though, as he's super lonely and unfulfilled without it. creeps into his diamond collective's lives again, especially roh's. vents about how much he hates all the other mags. roh validates him and dij starts feeling a little better. 
  • he recalls how much he used to ignore his more negative feelings, when living with genesis and bereave. decides he can just go back to doing that, since he does not actually hate the mags and actually kind of wants their approval. like really badly. especially pya's.
  • starts realizing just how much he kept from others. admits the only time he felt genuinely in tune with himself was when he confessed his feelings to pya, and that ended in a fat rejection. maybe that's for the better. it doesn't seem like he's very likeable as a person. maybe bereave was right about him.
  • so let's be likeable. let's be bright and cheerful and funny and silly and nonthreatening. let's be the kind of friend everyone can be friends with, even if shallowly. it's better than being abandoned, over and over, by everyone he cared about.
  • so he starts sucking up a little to people, being flirty, trying to repair bridges. he starts especially building back a bridge with sessy - someone he long considered his rival and enemy, as they both overtook timelines to better them (and sessy was never punished for it). 
  • roh sees him building this bridge. starts deeply questioning some of dij's policies, especially if he's befriending sessy, someone he shittalked and said was an awful brainwashing mind witch. pile that on with his extreme bitching about pere, a so-called best friend, and roh came to the conclusion that dij was unhinged, a liar, and unreliable.
  • roh bails.
  • dij is fucking destroyed. no matter what he does, he drives people off. everyone is predisposed to abandoning him. there's no point in everything. people are just checklists that he has to mark off. there's no point in actually building anything meaningful - they just spit in his face and leave him for others. 
  • such is his lot in life, he figures.


  • keeps on persona. doesn't lose anyone else, at least, and can build relatively stable, but shallow relationships with most of the mags. still refuses to talk to pere and pya.
  • gains reputation for being especially flirty and sexual. he was always fairly openly sexual, but the flirty angle is new. ends up sleeping around a lot to try to fill the void. (it doesn't work).
  • makes it his mission to sleep around with all of the other mags at least once. starts going down the list. pretends this totally isn't a rebound from pya.
  • last one on the list is kolo, who has still been keeping an eye on him this whole time. kolo is fairly prudish and standoffish and rude, which makes him a hard lay, but that's ok, dij has lots of time.
    • starts turning up his regular flirt on kolo. no reaction.
    • starts bringing kolo presents. no reaction.
    • starts trying to steal kolo's things and learn about them to get into his pants. no reaction.
    • starts kidnapping kolo to take him to timelines to show him how great they are. no reaction.
    • starts trying to be on his best behavior during checkups to prove he's grown and very good. no reaction.
    • no. fucking. reaction.
  • frustrated, but also sort of insanely interested in trying to figure out what the fuck would appeal to kolo. still very much remembers whiny baby kolo and is totally bewildered at how he got from point A to point B. 
  • realizes that whatever it was it had to be drastic. now pursuing kolo, but out of genuine interest. kolo seems actually sort of panicked about this. dij pursues harder, excited to see his first bout of emotion from the other (that's not rage or annoyance).
  • digs hard into kolo. finds out kolo is avid writer. learns how to write poetry SPECIFICALLY to awkwardly wax poetic about kolo and send him love letters and poetry collections. is pretty sure these don't work until he sneaks into kolo's house and is shocked to find that kolo has kept all of them.
    • omg. that must mean he's actually interested in me in some way. TIME TO GO HARDER
  • starts obsessively half-stalking kolo, half-being an endearing puppy. asks him to dance before, during, and after parties he throws. shows up wherever kolo is. retains kolo Facts and Trivia so he has talking points every time they "bump" into each other.
  • for anyone else this probably would've been creepy, but to dij's benefit kolo has actually had wild feels for him since he was babby and this kind of pursuit actually super appeals to kolo's busted, maladaptive perception of the world.
  • one time, after dij throws another party, and he asks kolo to dance, kolo blurts out that fine, he'll fucking dance.
    • the dance was awkward, horrible, neither of them are great at dancing, but it was the first genuine feeling dij had felt in a long, long, painful time.
  • kolo opens up a little. he lets dij hang out with him more. dij is way less interested in sex and way more interested in getting to know kolo. it's slow goings but it's so good.
  • they have a trip up somewhere that results in kolo finally breaking and spilling everything - how he feels,  his true self, that he's scared dij will hate him, everything. dij is shocked, then charmed, and then really wants to hold kolo, in that order
  • he ends up spilling a lot of his feelings, about what he thinks about the world, about his place in it, about how he feels helpless and forgotten, and they hug and cry and feel better :')
  • ends up feeling so secure with kolo that he ends up tentatively reaching out to pya and pere again. mostly pere, but pere's missed him too and wants to be friends again. he's so grateful whew
this is kind of the stopping point of "backstory" for dij, i write all his stories after the point he and kolo have reached their first understanding. now they're boyfriendz

Check out the Links section for in-character thoughts!

Kolo    (partner, object of interest)
That's his BF! Fascinating and a good cause to dedicate himself to, all in one! Dij might have possessive and abandonment issues, but Kolo's isolation makes them all the easier to control! Also, Kolo is just a really interesting person, and he's worth the effort it took to befriend him, ten times over. He's saved Dij~


Peresekat    (BFF)
Pere and Dij have been best friends since forever, and even though they had a minor bump - ahem, Pya - they're still going strong. The easygoing nature and general submissiveness towards Dij is deeply appealing, and Pere is a good support prop. Does this mean he thinks Pere is a real person? Haha, no.


Pyatiugolnik    (oldest friend)
An old flame, sort of, even though it never went anywhere. Still a very sore subject and definitely something to be touchy about. They're still pretty good friends, Dij thinks, but he knows there's distance and regrets all the tension they've grown to have. Still lowkey is jealous of him for being the better/more liked of the duo.


Trapetsiya    (fuckbuddies)
Trapet's got a nice rack. And, like, he's also pretty cutesy and soft, which are definitely appealing traits. They aren't super close beyond that, but they've messed around a few times and Dij is rather fond of him. The hoarding is an interesting quirk to Dij, but it's not much more intriguing than in passing.


Peshchani    (fuckbuddies)
Okay, maybe he has a type: high-class fancy bastards. And Pesh certainly suits that type, and gets adorably flustered and embarrassed whenever he flirts it up during parties or in public. He doesn't really know Pesh super well beyond that, though. Sometimes Pesh does bring him new clothes, which is kinda fun.


Strela    (toy)
Strela crushes on everyone, Dij included, and he's bright enough to take note of that. The guy is downright precious when he blushes, and well, how can Dij say no to flirting and messing with Strela? Their relationship is pretty shallow, but it's there, and it's a good time-waster if nothing else. It's easy to fill time with just poking Strela.


Zvezda    (friend)
Zvezda is always down to do whatever the fuck Dij wants, which is always a plus. And he's high energy enough that Dij can invite him to do whatever and ensure he's not horribly bored. But since he's not good for discussing things, Zvez is rarely his first choice. Really, he's best in groups, where Dij doesn't have to babysit so much.


Juice    (friend)
Juice is a new contender, but his energy and intelligence are intensely appealing, though he can't quite crack Juice's walls. The fact that Kolo has managed to get closer to Juice than he has is both infuriating and interesting as fuck. Kolo also won't tell him much about the other, which drives him even more nuts. He's so curious!


Zmeya    (friend?)
It's fun to prod Zmeya into hanging out with him, especially since it pisses off Genesis. Kinda sucks the guy's so meek, shy, and underwhelming, but that's to be expected, all things considered. Dont worry, Dij'll whip him up into shape in no time! And also rip Genesis out of his head and put the fucker to bed once and for all.


Shestiugolnik    (rival)
Dij's biggest challenger for his conquests and outreach. Sessy's allowed to keep campaigning, much to Dij's chagrin, but he keeps his irritation on the down-low. He can respect Sessy's hustle and energy, but doesn't think what he's doing is particularly impactful, and would love to be allowed to take over his Timelines. Grabby hands.


Pravougaonik    (respect... somewhat)
Prav is ballsy enough to challenge Dij near-constantly and is certainly a real person by Dij's standards - he can respect that attitude and the other's obvious perceptions and observations. But stars above is it really annoying to have a guy CONSTANTLY on his dick, cussing him out, arguing with him... ugh.


Kvadrat    (eh)
Prav's boyfriend, and point of contention. They've been at odds ever since Kva announced he didn't support Dij's conquesting at all, refusing to record his Timelines, and never got back on the right foot. Plus he always backs up Prav's bitching, which makes it worse. And Dij is NOT just a rotated square 😒.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Diamonds, lightning, nobility
Power, fascination, self-worth
Ego, dominance, disregard

Power: to preserve self

Tarot Card: The Emperor

Timeline: beta Β

Name Origins

"Dijamant" comes from дијамант, which means "diamond" in Serbian.

First Impressions

The easygoing smile on his face might put some to ease, though coupled with his crossed arms and leaning against a wall, it might give an erroneous impression of disregard. Eager to impress and oozing a powerful sense of authority, those insecure and susceptible to the mild reality-warping auras Mags produce find Dij to be addictingly confident and attractive. Though not particularly humorous, he makes do with flirting.

In Fights

Avoids whenever possible. Tries to diplomatically work his way through them instead. Not exactly the best "diplomat", but he's a god who can throw whatever you want at you until you stop, so it's fine, probably. Tries not to ruin reputation by beating up helpless mortals.

If pushed, solves them quickly. Doesn't waste time on frills or looking flashy - alters reality to incapacitate the other party and then interrogate them for information. Can happily dispose of them afterwards, but usually leaves them alive, maybe brainwashed, a little broken. Whatever it is, they're certainly not going to be staging uprisings against him anytime soon.

Does have a small military under his command, as part of his Timeline conquests. Rarely, if ever, uses them, but they're good for intimidation so he'll roll up with them in his car.

Jumps to protect intimates. Doesn't ask questions. Kills aggressors. Comforts them afterwards. 

Living Spaces

Lives in a stupidly big castle, with a big yard and rooms with high ceilings. Ton of potted plants everywhere. Balconies coming off every room, most with flowers planted on them. Bed is four-poster and has a big, sheer veil, and is made of the softest material in the world. Photos of himself, with his friends, hang on the walls.

Aesthetic is "casual luxury". Everything, by proxy of being made by Dij, is of the finest quality, truly fit for nobility. He doesn't notice - it's normal to him. And why settle for less, anyways?

House is very clean, very organized. Mindlessly sorts through belongings when alone. Mostly has furniture; very little embellishments or objects. There's a big library of books he collected, which has recently been expanded since he grew fond of Kolo. 

Keeps pet cats and fish, but often neglects to name them.

Public Perception

Probably one of the most well-known Mags, right after Sessy. Three thousand Timelines remain under his control, and opinions on that control varies heavily amongst COR workers - from "well, they're not on fire, and it takes work off us" to "no Mag should be a dictator over such a wide swath of territory". 

He's not violent or cruel enough to be openly disliked or moved against in any real fashion, but he is viewed in generally poor taste - you don't invoke Dij if you need help or want advice. And, to some degree, he can be reasoned with - appeal to his fascination or interests enough, and he'll generally obey.

Inside of his Timelines, it's a mixed bag. Again, he's not stomping about destroying shit and enforcing strict worship or anything, so he's not the worst godking to have, but he's also imposed his will and beliefs on millions of people. Criticism of him isn't banned or anything, so there's often essays and discussions about him and his leadership amongst his subordinates. He makes a big show of reading letters people send in.

Considered to be cold and smug; slightly alien, obviously unfamiliar and separated from mortals. He smiles often and tries to come off as personable, but he's not quite skilled in being likeable without Mag lovejuice. Most mortals would call him "disconcerting." 

Self Perception

I'm great! Maybe not the best, but I know I'm good! Look at all these things I've done, all the help I've given to people: all the Timelines I've helped, and all the effort I put into encouraging people to grow and be real. Surely I'm great, then, because I'm selfless and generous, and those are the traits of great people.

I should look to the people I admire and idolize, like Pya Kolo, to know how to act and what the traits of great people are. It's a shame I can't tell other people about my rhetoric and how much I love and respect Kolo, though, because I know that level of dedication just isn't smiled upon. But it's nothing new for me, to be keeping things mum.

Ribbons & Awards



Ribbons sourced from this resource.

Favorite Color(s)

Favorite Weather
twilight, meteor showers

Favorite Food(s)
sundaes, ice cream, etc

  • 27002263_i9Xav8JtBtY7iX7.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is hearing; strongest taste is sweet
    • Ambidextrous
    • Leo / Scorpio / Leo
  • Hobbies
    • Used to play a lot of sports, until he got way too good and others stopped playing with him. Invites his organization's mortals to play instead, or magicks up competent competitors. Happy to play worse if it means he'll get to play against a Mag; usually plays ping pong with Ellipsa.
    • Writes poetry, most of which is abstract and freeform. Regularly gives books of poetry to Kolo, usually about their relationship. It's how they first bonded, so he's shy about sharing it with other people. Signs them all with a love note.
  • Preferences
    • Magic: very good at combat magic, especially good at wide, sweeping attacks or alterations. Has a lot of magic and tosses it around regularly. Associated with twilight, nighttime, diamonds,, gemstones, waning moons, storm clouds, lightning, blue fire, nobility, wealth, and power.
      • Main weapon is a double-sided lance made out of his own magic, with both tips being shaped like massive diamonds.
    • Music: romantic, cheerful love songs. No preference for genre or anything, but leans towards male singers and upbeat music. Happy to listen to anything, though.
    • Stories: likes stories of people reconciling with old enemies, and enemies-to-lovers trope. Proper enemies-to-lovers, too - if the characters haven't almost killed each other at least twice, it doesn't count. Poor attention span for reading epics, so likes oneshots, short stories, and novellas.
    • Food: weird, but expensive shit. Not interested in cheap foreign food, but whatever the elites and nobility are eating. Loves giant banquets and loves throwing them even more.
    • Partners: sassy, hot bitches who aren't afraid to say no to him, but eventually melt under his persistence. Cute boys who will play-fight against him, but fall in love with him anyways. Wants to feel like he's "earned" them.
    • Traits: independence, judgment, curiosity, stubbornness
    • Dates: usually whatever his partner prefers - he's flexible - but if prompted, mostly just wants to sit and talk. About? Literally anything, as long as they can hold a conversation about it.
  • Favorites
    • Animal: big fat lizards. Komodo dragons. Dragons, too.
    • Drink: generally, obscure, unusual, or fancy alcohols. Favorites include absinthe, cachaça, fernet, pulque, tej, malört... you get the idea.
    • Sweet: dessert crepes, sugary and full of fruit.
    • Season: Late Summer
    • Chore: anything you want, Kolo-babe!
  • Misc
    • Owns 3,509 Timelines still; he isn't allowed to collect more or induct people into his organization from outside of them. Has a group of Gladar-ascended officers personally picked by him to manage the organization/Timelines when he's off in Magtown.
      • Very hands-on, despite misinterpreting things. ("Dijamant, sir, we need more daylight for crops!" "Understood, here is a second sun")
    • Has "fucked" every Mag at least once, if you're using the term loosely. Absolutely flirted with all of them.
      • Struggles to interpret relationships and dynamics without Mag love juice; can't tell when mortals are crushing on him or fond of him or hate him, since it all blurs together to him. Mags, after all, love each other even when they fight.
    • The scarf is actually a small blanket Peresekat gave to him when they were young. Retained an affinity for blankets and now loves tucking people in and fluffing up their bedding for them.
    • Stop calling him the integral rhombus structure. He'll explode.
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: Cyan Lizards, Red Lizards
      • Slugcat: Hunter
      • Karma: 8thKarma_-_Edited_1.png& 2ndKarma_-_Edited.png
      • Achievement: The Dragon Slayer
    • Pokemon
      • Types: Dark/Dragon
      • Moveset: Flatter, Play Nice, Diamond Storm, Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom
    • Random Dice
      • Deck: Hell, Typhoon, Joker, Blizzard, Growth

coding by   kolo