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Name Pyatiugolnik

Pronouns he/him

Age adult

Race -

Spectrum Magnitude Fragment

Homeland ???

Location ???


As the integral pentagon structure, Pyatiugolnik is the living embodiment of pentagons and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Pentagons exist because Pya exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

The strongest of the original set of Mag Frags, Pya has always been acutely aware of his power and lived in its shadow. Rather than befriend the others and integrate into the close-knit friend group that formed, Pya remained separate, having been tempered at a young age to be fearful of what could happen, should he lose control of himself and his magic.

Rather, he took up a mantle of mediator instead, serving as the Mag who would resolve conflicts between others and decide upon a general code of conduct and way of living for them. His power meant that he could keep the others in line, and it was a good use of such.

Pya shut himself off from his emotions, trying to ignore the crippling loneliness that overcame him. Though resentment never set in, he was jealous and depressed, wishing he could be like the others - let his emotions run free, be himself for a change. Thankfully, finding a romantic partner has helped him express himself more.


Biographic Information 

Phonetics pee-yah-tee-you-gol-nick

Height big

Birthdayno thanks....





Occupation spying on you

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Pentagons

AlignmentNeutral Good


Primary ThemeWide Eyed

Secondary ThemeThank You Very Much


Partner(s) Peresekat

Best FriendDijamant

Oldest Friend Kolo

Rivalno? what?

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Pyatiugolnik is the most powerful of the Magnitude Fragments, and has taken this position with dire severity. More than twice over as magically-potent as the next strongest Mag, the weight of responsibility on his shoulders has become more than stifling, leaving Pya cold, stoic, and mostly friendless - even though he's the most idealistic and hopeful of the entire group.

The sheer expanse of power at his fingertips was more than enough to shake the world to its core - no other Magnitude Fragment could stand up to Pya alone, who had to at most flick a hand at them to send his adversary careening into the dirt. In the wrong hands, he'd be a living nightmare, able to tear asunder Timelines like they were paper, destroying all of creation in the process.

He knew he had to separate himself. Most Mags remember Pya being mediator of the group for as long as they've been around, with him taking up the helm soon after their creation - it was an easy, impassive place to sit and take care of the others. Have the strong one gently settle conflicts and rise above the petty drama. He wouldn't let himself get pulled into anything that could tempt himself or others into using Pya's magic for destruction. He had to hold himself to a higher standard.

It worked - possibly too well. The others usually left him alone save for when they needed an objective opinion, and Pya spent the vast majority of his timeless, limitless life... alone. Alone with his thoughts and feelings, with no one to talk to, and no place to go. 

It was hard to swallow the insurmountable frustration that came along with that. It simply wasn't fair; and fairness mattered deeply to Pya. Crimes must be punished, good deeds rewarded. And hadn't he been committing a good deed for all this time? Protecting his magic from being used to kill or damage others? 

So why did he feel so awful all the time?

As time whittled at Pya's walls, a friend slunk in: Dijamant, diamond structure. Pya cautiously accepted the friendship, aware of Dij's overconfidence and flippant attitude towards mortals. Sure, he wasn't the best person to befriend, but the loneliness had become too hard to choke for Pya, and he brought Dij along with him. They ran off, fixing Timelines together, patching up people, building a relationship.

Finally, someone to share his idealism with. Someone who he could trust!

And when Dij attempted a takeover of a multitude of Timelines, Pya's entire worldview shattered. No. This wasn't actually his friend. The time they'd spent together had been lies. And now he had to step back into his role as mediator, and take down his friend.

He didn't care how Dij tried to justify it. He didn't listen. He couldn't. It ached too much, to think he'd opened himself up and had gotten burned so badly. It didn't sour his idealism, it didn't turn him against people, but it stung. He turned to watching mortals instead, taking comfort in the idea that at least they had no way of poisoning his feelings towards others. 

Yet, he still couldn't shake the naive idealism. People were good inside. They had to be. If they weren't, then this world wasn't worth saving, wasn't worth dedicating himself to. And Pya could see other Frags who carried this ideal, bastions of empathy and love, and he knew he couldn't be wrong, right?

It took millennia before he tentatively opened himself up again, primarily to Peresekat. Through Pere, Pya has gained a small handful of Fragment friends, and is slowly getting some well-needed socialization and care.


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Joined ???

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  • Giving gifts
  • Being with people
  • Sparklers
  • Silence
  • Reading
  • Crying
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⬠ Integral Pentagon Structure ⬠

I don't actually know what this is.

My Stats















  • Favorite colors are violet and pink
  • Loves all seasons! They're so beautiful!
  • Doesn't eat, but is fine with drinking (likes soda!)
  • Strongest sense is sight; strongest taste is bitter
  • Ambidextrous
  • Adores Dijamant's confidence and attitude; wishes he could emulate it better
  • Loves Pere's independence and adventurousness
  • Dislikes sleeping primarily for the traumatic dreams he usually ends up being given
  • Adept at chess - so much so that nobody plays with him
  • Enjoys making lists and charts, usually makes a few before making any important decisions
  • The choker he sometimes wears was a gift from Dijamant, although he doesn't wear it in public or around Peresekat
  • Relieved and happy Dij re-focused onto Kolo
  • Completely misunderstands many things about mortals; assumes they use magic more often to construct things or in mundane places than they do
  • Struggles to do things with his hands; prefers to use magic for just about everything
  • Relieved that Farley and Juice exist, taking some of his burden off his shoulders, but is fearful as to whether or not they understand their responsibility
  • Easily spaces out, losing self in thought
  • More unsure of himself and his judgement than he comes off as

Public Perception

Revered as the most powerful Mag Frag, considered godly and mystic. Though not well-documented, Pya's presence is well-known and generally-accepted as one of the Mags, and most people would recognize his name if spoken. Primarily seen as a benevolent watcher and protector.

During the time of the Shards terrorizing the Coalition, Pya's incantation became mandatory to learn, in case Rendgen appeared. 

Within the Mags, is deferred to. Treated more like an overseeing parent than a person. Holds authority despite the casual dehumanization, and his word is respected as general rules or law. Thankful for people who actually reach out to befriend him.

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