Leika Van der Khansen



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  •  Height 1.73M/5.6 feet
  • Build Strong-Bean
  • Eyes Green
  • Skin Olived coloured
  • Hair Red

  •  Charisma ★☆☆☆☆
  • Kindness ★★★★☆
  • Strength ★★★★☆
  • Dexterity ★★☆☆☆
  • Stamina ★★★★★
  • Intelligence ★★☆☆☆



Leika is a  loyal, aggressive  and brave thug. Who who not only packs two guns but a punch as well. The roots of her rudeness (haha), can be found in her insecurity and the fear of being forgotten. People can’t forget you when you’re loud, bombastic and call them names.(And believe me, she’s going to call you names) Leika acts as Roswell’s bodyguard, and is known for her quickness with her guns but also being a fighter as well. She solves most of her problems with punching a dude. Besides being the brawler, Leika is really good with numbers. She’s fast in calculating and counting coins. Something that’s quite handy in ‘De Buik van Drakenburg’ as well.


Farmer's girl

Leika is born on a farm on the Eastern countryside. Her mom and dad both are farmers. They have a potato farm, that their families cultivate for many generations. Leika never felt ‘being part’ of the family and disliked the hard, badly paid on the farm. Leika wanted more adventure, more easily made coins, more tension. So she on a sunday day, stole a golden candle holder in the small chapel where she had sunday school and ran off. Have I told you already that Leika is super impulsive? Well she is. She used the candle holder to buy herself a ticket to the Capital of the East: Rothrecht.
Convinced that she could find a better, excited job there, Leika only found disappointment. She didn’t had an education, had not even finished her basic education back home and only knew things about potatoes. She ends up in a street gang, as cannon fodder.
That turns out to be the perfect job for Leika. Leika is naive, loyal as a dog and she’s góód in a fight. She quickly earns herself a small name in her gang and thinks that she found the place where she belonged. People who actually cared about her (Leika your parents also loved you >:(!!!)
When a small part, her friends, of her enormous gang wants to split off (read: betray the rest) and go to Drakenburg, the biggest ‘modernish’ city in the whole Noordenlijke Pact, with false passports, for a big job, Leika is the first to jump the shark. She travels with her ‘close family’ to Drakenburg, only to end up in prison if the border-guards sniff out their false papers :).

The Crow's gunslinger 
Their former-leader and other interested parties (read gang members in Drakenburg, people that want easy recruits) buys out some of the traitors in Drakenburg, but not Leika, as she’s small, young and not really impressive. That is until Roswell shows up out of nowhere and pays the ransom(? idk how its called but bear with me.) He only asks her loyalty in return from the (not so big) sum of money he paid for her. They made a Soul link, that forces Leika to guard the Crooked Crow, for 2 years. Leika is thorned, as she loves working for Roswell, but also misses her parents. She can’t leave Drakenburg thanks to her Soul link, but never contacted her parents after the day she ran away. Leika is afraid that her real parents are disappointed and angry at her and is too scared to go back even if the link of 2 years ends. Leika isn’t sure that the life she envisioned when she was young, is as good as she thought it will be.

Leika is Roswell’s bodyguard. She’s really quick with her guns and is a legendary marksman. One of the best shooters in Drakenburg, even though she is so young. Leika can snipe the most difficult things with her guns and is pretty proud of that fact. But she also likes to punch people, for money. She is Roswell’s loyalist servant and the only one Roswell trusts with the plans of this new big heist of his...


Leika is a full blood Eastern girl, meaning that’s she got all the ‘racial traits’. Leika has pointy ears who move is she tries to express her emotions, she got fish scales on her hands and on the top of her ears. She has more alveoli then an average person and membranes in front of her eyes, inside her ear and nose, that allows her to regulate the pressure in her head.



whenever leika meets a girl (especially a wealthy one) she takes interest in, she tries even harder to look cool and impress them, which doesnt usually turn out well. shell either be too rough and come off as having no manners, or have trouble communicating her thoughts properly so she sounds silly instead :p - birthday

Leika will almost always go head first without thinking, whether it's a competition or a fight; she's up for it. She won't admit it, but she really does love her friends and would do anything for them. She's also rather loud. - Retori

Leika may have "accidentally" given someone she wasn't fond of a really embarassing tattoo when they were passed out drunk or otherwise incapable of stopping her. - @fear-quest

Leika will kick anybodys ass. Shell kick your ass, shell kick your dogs ass. shell kick her own ass. She will not, however, Kick a hot pirate lady's ass. - gummy

Leika likes most girls, but she's kind of off-put by quiet girls, and is unsure how to interact with them. - tori34



Right handed
Got a basic education (Can read,write and calculate easy sums)
Is really good with numbers! She can count cards, and great with coins.
She isn't so good with words and reading tho, her handwriting is horrible and she is a slow reader.
Had a GF before she dumped her ass in Drakenburg.
Can eat spoiled meat if she wants to. Actually she kinds of like the tast of spoiled food.
Can hold her breath for 7 minuts.
Named her guns: "De Lange" and "Nelus"


 Salvador Wapenburg.
572596?1520329227WeaselBest friend

Leika and Sal have to work closely together on their ‘big mission’. They are.. really as close as thieves. Salvador is a quite, uncharismatic person just the type of guy that can deal with Leika’s barks.

 Roswell Butcher.

Roswell is Leika’s leader, but she also looks at him as her dad. She will never admit this though. She’s really scared that Roswell will forget her, or would be disappointed in her like her biological parents most likely are. She does everything for him, which is something Roswell sometimes (most of the times) takes advance of. He still loves her though.. But he wouldn't admit that aswell.


【 Accuracy 】

【 Damage 】

【 Dodge 】


  • Pirate (girls with money)
    Leika's interest are simply to sum up. Pirates, money, girls in that particular order.
  • Tattoos
    Leika is a starting tattoo artist with a competitive nature. She wants to be the very best tattoo artist out there and will practice these skills in her spare time (on potatoes, pigskins and sometimes human canvasses.) Normally Leika doesn't have any patience but as soon as she holds some ink and needles, she has the patience of a saint. She's isn't the best yet but that doesn't stop her.
  • Guns
    Guns fascinates Leika. She's practice with her guns /a lot/ and is a force to be reckoned with. Leika knows everything about guns, she knows how they work, but is unable to 'craft' one herself


  • Animals
    Leika doesn't dislike animals but just doesn't care about them. She doesn't have any interest in critters besides herself. Really she couldn't care less about your pets Instagram account if there was something as Instagram in my world building
  • The Law (tm)
    Leika is a real chaotic spirit. That thinks that the law, police, and bureaucracy is something rich tits made up to keep the lesser wealthy folk poor.
  • Garlic
    Leika doesn't like the sharp taste of Garlic. Not at all.