Sprig Clover





Name Sprig Clover

Pronouns he/him

Age 543

Race Ant (aner)

Spectrum Mortal

Homeland Phytomea, Clover C.

Location Phytomea, Clover C.


Impatient and loud, Sprig's presence is instantly known whenever he walks into a room. Quite proud of his abilities, but doesn't brag or lord them over others' heads. Even if he seems exasperated a lot of the time, he feels he has good intentions and that the people around him can't possibly be that woefully incompetent. Hard to impress, but dishes out praise readily if his expectations are met. Sprig is determined to bring out the best of the people around them, but has trouble realizing he can be too harsh.


Sprig went into combat from a young age, although he'd geared more towards gyne running than the other viable career paths. During one such gyne running mission, he'd made it halfway through Letter Colony when he was cornered, and subsequently blasted his way to freedom with magic. He transferred into the mage unit afterwards and then rose through the ranks, subsequently, to become Commander around four hundred years of age. Now he drinks himself to sleep, but the social clout's worth it.